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История о плавучей траве

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Another show's coming?
Some traveling actors.
Kihachi Ichikawa's troupe.
It's been a long time, Master.
I'm going to stay here for a while.
Your son's really grown up.
It's been four years.
He's nine now.
She was just a gawky little girl,
but look at her now.
You're going to see the show tonight?
Kihachi was so handsome
when he was young.
We used to all go
when he came here.
Got any older sisters?
Don't eat too much
or you'll wet the bed again.
Do it again and I'll have Otoki
give you a moxa treatment.
Did the boss wet the bed last night?
Why don't you give him
bigger doses of moxa?
Easy for you to say.
You don't know what it feels like.
Just think about Goemon Ishikawa.
He was boiled alive.
He was a famous robber.
I'm not.
One of your plays is all about thieves.
Don't be silly.
Get me a kimono.
I'll pay a visit to some patrons
I have here.
It's been a long time.
I thought it was about time you came.
I've been waiting.
Would you like a drink?
How is your arthritis?
Not bad, now that I use
the medicine you told me about.
I get stiff shoulders lately.
I'm being treated with moxa.
It's good to see
you're as well as ever.
How is Shinkichi?
He graduated
from agriculture college last year.
He's a postgraduate now.
The head of the troupe is here.
He's a big boy now.
He'll be eligible for the draft
next year.
First class.
He eats like a horse, doesn't he?
No wonder we're old now.
It must have been hard
raising him all these years.
I don't mind hardship
as long as it's for his sake.
He still thinks his father's dead,
doesn't he?
He thinks his father
was a civil servant.
Aren't you Ionely?
No use complaining
about Ioneliness.
Let him go on thinking
his father is dead.
He wouldn't want
a no-good father like me.
He has a great future ahead of him.
Dace are in season.
Want to go fishing with me?
Some fish move slowly,
so you've got a chance.
How long will you stay this time?
It depends on the audience.
I'd like to stay a year.
I think I'll go to the show tonight.
Our show isn't for you.
You're a student.
Your job is to study.
If it were summer vacation,
I'd travel with you.
Much in it?
I doubt it.
It's floating, so no heavy coins.
Did you ever think
it might be stuffed with bills?
You never had any bills.
Let's rehearse again
before the boss comes back.
No matter how great the actor,
it's hard to play the horse.
Look, the woman seated
in the second row isn't bad.
Where's the dog?
It's pouring.
Rain's really the end
for traveling actors.
I'm sorry it's become such a mess.
It's been raining for days.
We had long rains earlier,
in Takasaki.
The radio says that
it'll rain
for another four or five days.
I wish I had
some really good tempura.
I want some sake
with roasted eel.
You got a smoke?
You stole my money,
didn't you, Pop?
My kitty bank was facing
the other way before.
The boss is really something.
We've got this crisis,
and he's out drinking every day.
He has to,
as long as he stays here.
You said an odd thing just now.
It sounded like some kind of secret.
I wouldn't mention your name.
It's fun to checkmate.
Check the king, not the father.
You're finished, Uncle.
I lost again.
You've turned into
a good chess player.
When you play the hero of Konjiki,
I'll lend you my cap.
Give me a drink.
Thank you for taking care
of the master every day.
Somebody wants you.
What brings you here?
What do you think?
Is she the patron you had to see?
I should thank her too, then.
Go home, Otoki.
You must be happy
to have such a nice son.
How old are you?
What does your father do?
История о плавучей траве

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