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Весна на Заречной улице

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We can get you right to the town
Don't be afraid, we won't take
too much. Ten note.
For 200 gram of fuel.
Close the door.
What a mother.
A year is finished. We'll
wander to far lands.
You'll leave for reindeers.
And I'll leave for Kazakhstan.
Excuse me, did I guess right?
So, you've finished?
So you're going to our backwoods.
- Please.
- Thank you.
Can I ask, what is your profession?
- A teacher.
- Ahh. A teacher...
You teach Russian literature,
am I right?
- How do you know?
- I know were they will sent you.
- Where?
- Zarechnaya street, 21.
An evening school for the
working youth.
- The address is right.
- Why do you think so?
- You study there.
- I? You must be joking
I've finished 7 forms,
It's enough for me.
My friends study there.
They don't have literature
there for two weeks.
She ran away.
How is that?
Just ran away and that's all.
I carried her. Just like you.
There and back.
She had also finished.
She was young.
It seem uncivilized for her here.
No TV's, no fashion houses.
Of course we have a fashion
house but...
there's no cosmopolitan cabinet in it.
Again,there's a smell of
plant smoke here.
She was complaining about
this all way back.
How they took her around!
Your guys are hot-tempered.
And we have the same work.
Your main avenue.
The shift is going.
And besides, here are
your students.
Hello school boys. Do you
learn your lessons?
- Hello.
- Yes we review them.
Stop the engine Ura.
Join us.
- I can't. They'll pick out my
- Don't be scared.
Aunt Masha, your health!
Thank you nephew
- Happy journey.
- Don't lose your passenger.
- Alex, come on, I'll give a lift.
- Thank you, the rain is almost over.
You're already carrying one,
it's enough.
How do you like the students?
Don't be afraid they are quiet.
Sasha, aren't you afraid
of your life?
I grudge walking on foot.
- Good day.
- Good day.
- Is there room for 3?
- Yes, sure.
- Wait, I'll give you a place.
- On no account. Ura come on.
- Okay.
- Wait.
What are you doing?
Stop, I'll get off.
Wait. A little farther. It's
forbidden to stop here
Again permissions.
- Are you for long?
- Depends on different circumstances.
A- a.
Can I ask why?
Fiancйs here are of handsome
presence And brides are like hot cakes.
- Stop the car.
- Take it easy.
Be careful, one can kill a man
And who will answer?
And without jokes, what are
you going to do today?
- To grieve about past.
- That's not for good
Do you know, we have a
big party today.
Where? Why? And why
I don't know?
- We meet New Year.
- In November?
- What calendar do you use?
- Martenovskiy.
- Sasha, did you finish squeezing?
- Yes.
- Let me kiss you.
- My neighbor.
- Let's wash off.
- Stop the car immediately.
Come lass.
I don't know name and patronymic.
I invite whole-heartedly.
We'll dance and have fun.
Zarechnaya 2, no evil dogs.
- So it's at Zina's home?
- I'll wait.
We won't be late.
I advise. Very pleasant company.
You won't regret.
We are here.
Please, here is your heavy one.
Dribs and drabs. You'll give
back on your way back.
When you'll run away.
You all saw.
There she is. Please.
- Hello.
- Come in girls.
- Zina.
- Glad to see you. Take off your clothes
We have enough plates and forks.
- I give the best.
- I know mother.
Watch it, now it's progressive then
you'll collect grits from the floor,
- Stop joking mother.
- He's good.
Earns good money, honest,
but his character...
Look, how much money
did he spend?
- A festival for friends.
- Why are you counting other's money?
- Maybe they are mine too.
- Stop this, have fun.
Don't raise your voice
on your mother.
- May I?
- Keep house daughter.
- Smells very tasty here.
- Treat to guests.
- Zina, what did you do in the kitchen?
- Are you tired of dancing?
- No, I want to dance with you.
- You want?
- Why are you here?
- Go and dance with
Весна на Заречной улице

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