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Daddy! Daddy!
Me and wicket
are going back to the village now!
Tell your mother
I got the main unit repaired!
It shouldn't be long now.
- Cindel leave soon?
- I guess so.
The star cruiser's almost fixed.
We're gonna have to say goodbye.
That's what you say
when your friends go away.
"Goodbye" not good.
I don't wanna leave here, wicket...
but we can finally go home.
- Home?
- It's where we live. It's far away.
Why go?
For one thing,
my brother and I could go to school.
It's where you go to learn things.
Cindel learn here with wicket.
[Gulps, Lips Smacking]
No, silly.
I have to learn grown-up things.
Mmm! Wicket go to school.
Yes! You could come with us!
No. Ewok live here.
Wicket family here.
Don't worry. I won't be gone forever.
I'll come back and visit you
as soon as I can.
Yes, yes!
Cindel come back, visit wicket.
[Animal Trilling]
- What's wrong?
- Shh.
[Small Explosions]
[Blasters Firing]
- [Growling]
- [Shouts In Ewokese]
[Growling Continues]
- [Roars]
- [Roars]
Cindel stay.
- [Beeping]
- Mommy.
Mace! Mace!
Get back, Cindel!
- Mommy!
- Stay away!
Get help! Get Dad!
- [Groans]
- [Grunts]
[Large Explosion]
Daddy! Daddy!
- [Growls]
- [Grunts] Ohhh.
[Speaking Alien Language]
My lord Terak wants what you
have concealed from him.
[Beastly Chuckle]
He will get what he desires. 
- [Growling]
- Wait a minute.
[All Growling]
I want the power.
You will give it to me now.
I don't... I haven't got anything
that's valuable here.
We're... We're strangers here. We just... 
Is this not the hidden ship?
Are you not the guardian of the power?
I don't know what you're talking about.
[Growling Continues]
[Speaking Alien Language]
- No, please don't. No, please...
- [Grunts]
[Speaking Alien Language]
The power. I have the power!
[Shouting Alien Language]
- [Blaster Fire Continues]
- [Yelling]
- Are you all right, sweetheart?
- Mm-hmm.
Mommy, Mace, they're dead.
I know, honey. I know.
- I'm scared.
- So am I.
But we have to be strong now.
Do you understand that?
Do you remember the story
I used to tell you...
about the little bird...
that got blown out of his nest
during a storm?
He had to fly for the first time, didn't he?
That's right. He flew and he flew...
and, finally, after the storm,
he found his way home.
Now, honey, I want you to find Deej.
[Breathing Heavily]
The Ewoks will help you.
- No, Daddy. I want to stay with you.
- No, sweetheart.
You can't do that.
You have to go on without me.
You have to be like that little bird
and fly away.
- I won't.
- Now, listen, Cindel, you will.
Now, you do as I say.
When I say go, you run.
Cindel, I'll always be with you.
- [Exhales Deeply]
- [Explosions In Distance]
I'll always be with you.
I love you.
- [Caws]
- [Growls]
Don't look back. Just run fast. Run!
[Growling Grows Louder]
There's no escape for you, my little one.
- [Roaring]
- [Roaring]
You are a pretty prize.
[Speaking Alien Language]
[Shouting Alien Language]
- Oh, wicket. It's you!
- Cindel!
- [Growls]
- [Shouting]
[Speaking Alien Language]
My family... they're all dead.
What happens to me now, wicket?
I'm all alone.
- [Speaking Ewokese]
- [Wicket] No. No, not alone. 
Wicket take care of Cindel.
My family.
Wicket Cindel's family now.
- Ewoks family now.
- [Speaking Ewokese]
Cindel live. Wicket live.
Must have hope.
Must escape.
[Speaking Ewokese]
- [Grunts]
- [Gasps]
- [Shouts Excitedly]
- Shh, shh, shh!
[Growls, Groans]
[Excited Chattering]
[Speaking Ewokese]
What did he say?
Hole too small. Ewok too big.

- III:

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