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Волшебная лампа Аладдина

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endМ. Gorky Central Film Studio
for Youth and Children
First Artistic Association
Script by Victor VlTKOVlCH
Directed by
Directors of Photography
Production Designers
Music by A. MURAVLEV
Sound by S. GURlN
English subtitles by
Boris BYSTROV as Aladdin
Dodo CHOGOVADZE as Boudour
Sarry KARRYEV as Genie
A. FAlT as Maghribian
O. KOBERlDZE as Sultan
E.VERULASHVlLl as Aladdin's Mother
G.SADYKHOV as Grand Vizier
G.MlLLYAR as The Sage
E.BlLANlSHVlLl as Night Guard
V. BRYLEYEV as Mubarak
Yu.CHEKULAYEV as Mustafa
Sleep well, oh people of Bagdad!
All is quiet!
Sleep, oh dwellers of Bagdad!
All is quiet!
Look straight ahead of you! Go!
Sleep, oh people of Bagdad.
All is quiet.
The name?! Tell me, wise star!
Tell me the name!
Aladdin, son of Ali Al Marouf!
Aladdin, son of Ali Al Marouf!
Oh, most esteemed sprinkler
of the streets!
Do you know a certain Aladdin,
son of Ali Al Marouf?
You're sure you don't mean Karim
who fell into the pond and
ran stark naked around the town?
Or maybe Houssein who hoisted
his donkey to the minaret?
Allah punished him
by making him blind in one eye.
Where are you going? Wait!
Oh, masters of the best of games
except for playing with dice!
Could you tell me...
Oh, honored one, where might l find
Aladdin, son of Ali Al Marouf?
Bagdad is a large city...
You've been reading for 2 hours
without paying me a thing!
Oh, most worthy keeper of
People of Bagdad!
Quickly, stranger, quickly!
The beauty of all beauties,
the unrivaled Princess Boudour,
honors the baths with her presence!
Any who dares to look upon
the Princess shall lose his head!
l don't want to!
l don't want to bathe!
l don't want to!
- l don't want to!
- What do you want, then?
l want him to look upon me.
- Then he'll have his head cut off.
- So what?
- Young man, open your eyes!
- Come on, and you'll have no head.
l wish that a wild lion
would pounce on you,
so that l could kill him.
l wish that a fire would engulf
all Bagdad and l'd rescue you.
And that an earthquake would
cause all people to perish,
leaving only two of us, you and me.
- What name were you given?
- Aladdin, son of Ali Al Marouf.
-You can't take the Princess' hand.
- l've already done so.
Cut off his head anyway...
Strike the blow!
What's the matter with you?
Catch him, dead or alive!
l held the hand of the Sultan's
daughter, Boudour!
You must ask the Sultan
for his daughter's hand.
And yesterday he said
he was flying on dragons.
ls this not the dwelling of
the Chosen One
and the King of Luck, Aladdin?
Aladdin is my son.
Here are presents for you
from your uncle!
l didn't know my husband
was blessed with a brother.
ls this not the house of Aladdin,
son of Ali Al Marouf?
- From my uncle?
- Your uncle.
They must have made a mistake.
They'll come and take it all back.
Where is my brother?
Where's my brother, Ali Al Marouf?
Ali Al Marouf has been dead
for three years.
l was his best friend.
Oh, my miserable brother!
Oh, how cruel and bitter my fate!
Forty years have l wandered
over the earth!
l dreamed of coming back
and embracing my brother!
But my Ali didn't have any brother.
Believing me dead he couldn't
bear to mention my name.
Where is the place the deceased
loved most?
- Where's my nephew Aladdin?
- There!
My cherished nephew, tell me
your innermost desire.
l shall grant it.
He will ask you for a star
from the heavens.
He has just wanted me to ask
for Princess Boudour's hand!
- Could he be possessed by genies?
- l will cure him.
Leave us now!
For 40 years l have studied
alchemy and black magic
with the wisest men of all Maghrib.
Forty years have l dedicated
to the preparation of magic powders
that'd open the gates of dungeons
and reveal the darkest secrets.
Put your trust in me.
Волшебная лампа Аладдина

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