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Достать коротышку

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It's fucking cold outside.
The guy on the radio said
it's gonna get down to 34.
34, that's freezing, for Chrissakes.
Yo, Chili. Are you spacing?
They're closing down the Granville,
that theatre on Biscayne.
The guy owes Momo a couple of Gs.
I know. I think Momo should buy it.
I could run it for him.
Why would Momo want some old theatre
that shows movies no-one watches?
I'd say turn it into
some kind of porno house.
- (Ray) I'm going to go talk to Chili.
- Besides, you've got a job.
Yeah. Yeah.
- Ray! How you doing?
- Good. You?
OK. Can you believe this weather?
It's Miami Beach, for Chrissakes.
Chili Palmer.
It's chilly outside and it's Chili inside.
It's a fucking Chili-fest.
How you doing, Ray?
Obviously much better than you, Chili.
That was a good one!
Hey, when you're done
staring out the window...
...l'll meet you back at the office.
Hey! Where's my coat?
It's not one of these?
Do you see a black leather jacket
like Pacino's in Serpico?
If you don't, you owe me $379.
But the sign...
I didn't come to Florida to freeze!
You either find my coat or give me
the $379 my ex-wife paid for it.
Puoi spiegare che Signor Barboni
ha prestato...
Wait, Ray Bones took my coat?
He borrow it. Somebody took his coat
so he tried this other coat and it fit good.
That was my coat!
He's not gonna keep it.
My car keys are in that coat.
Mr Barboni is a good customer.
He works for Jimmy Capp.
I know. Where's your phone?
This way.
Are you sure it was Ray Bones
that took the coat?
Tomorrow's gonna be warm,
you don't need the coat.
This is it.
Chili, get the coat,
just don't piss the guy off.
We'll straighten it all out with Momo,
he'll be pissed off. We don't need that.
Don't worry. I'll say no more
than I have to, if that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, just a minute.
What are you, fucking nuts?
My nose! My nose!
Holy shit!
Somebody call nine,
fucking one, one, one.
What do you want me to do, Ray?
Go to war over a fucking coat?!
You're lucky he didn't kill you,
the coat was a Christmas present!
Jimmy, you gotta do something about
him, he's got no fucking respect for us.
He's got no respect for you!
I don't gotta do shit!
Chili Palmer don't work for me...
...he works for Momo in Brooklyn.
As long as Momo's around,
nothing happens to Chili. Understand?
Over here.
We're here, Momo.
I hope you guys checked this place
out good. I don't want no surprises.
Yeah, I checked everything, Momo.
(breathes heavily)
(pants and wheezes)
Yeah? Who is it?
It's Momo.
(door unlocked)
(# accordion music)
(Chili) You're never gonna sleep again?
No, I'm never going to bed,
there's a difference.
It says most people die in bed.
If I stay out of bed, I'm safe.
That's the dumbest thing
I ever heard. Where'll you sleep?
In my recliner,
the tan one in the TV room.
Or I'll go to the coffee shop,
pull my hat down.
How many people you know
died in a coffee shop?
You cut straight hair in here
or just fags?
Hey, Bones,
that's quite a scar on your head.
These guys can fit you for a rug,
cover it up.
You two gazers,
take your gape to the park.
This man is the man, you understand
what I'm saying, motherfucker?
You speak to Mr Bones from now on.
You can do better than him.
Not these days,
not unless you speak Spanish.
Leo Devoe's six weeks over.
He's dead.
How do you know? Did he tell you?
Yeah, he told me he was dead.
Yeah, he told me he got killed
in a jet crash last month.
Maybe he had flight insurance.
Visit his wife.
You do it, it's your book now.
He had a dry-cleaner's on the highway.
Let me explain something.
Momo is dead, so all he had now
belongs to Jimmy Capp, including you.
This means when I speak,
I speak for Jimmy.
E.g., from now on you start
showing me the proper respect.
E.g. means for example. You mean "i.e.".
Bullshit, it's short for
Достать коротышку

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