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Central Partnership
and the SLON studio
with the support ofthe Dep't of Cinematography
ofthe RF Ministry of Culture
Every man must have his own
high dream, right?
-And what high dream do you have?
-What do you dream about?
- l have a very good dream.
-What is it?
l dream of going to Moscow, to the Kremlin,
to the Red Square.
Really? Do you dream of banging our
President there afterwards?
- Lyuda!
Howwill you get to the Kremlin?
A real problem is to get to Moscow.
And l'll get to the Kremlin afterthat easily.
Don't you know me?
Aren't the local men enough foryou?
Grigory, where have you seen any
men here?
They all died out long ago like mammoths.
l don't understand then what
all this make up is for.
-Why are you doing that?
-As your morone librarian girl says
l'm out for an appointment with
myfate every day.
Where is myfate?
lt will start raining soon.
Do you think he'd like me?
Who are you talking about?
l mean our President. He's so sexual.
He must be a ladies' man.
His gait is so alluring.
What a fool you are!
l wouldn't say so.
Gosha Koutsenko
Nana Kiknadze
Artur Smolyuaninov
Yevgenia Dobrovolskaya
Alexandra Berezovets-Skachkova
Yelena Morozova
Yana Yessipovich
Nadya Kamenkovich
in a film of
Anna Melikyan
Oleg Loukitchev
Alexander Kopeikin
Alexei Aygi
Sabina Yeremeeva Rouben Dishdishyan
Anna Melikyan
lt is 72 rubles 40 kopecks.
- That's the price of an elephant
made of natural fur.
-What elephant?
- This one.
Think faster.
The train is about to leave.
Liste, where l am now?
Wear it foryour own pleasure. lt's
the hero city of Marks.
lt was named after our outstanding
classic Karl Marx.
Vladimir Lenin also visited our
Would you like to purchase
some apples as well?
A new man is coming to the city.
l need a ticket forthe earliest train
to Moscow.
All tickets fortoday have been booked. The
earliest available train leaves at 1930 tomorrow.
What do you mean? What are they
booked for?
They are all booked because Moscow is
the capital and everyone wants to get there.
All right. Let it be tomorrow.
You really look like him.
This world
is not ours.
lt wasn't us who created this world.
We're not capable of changing it.
The heavenlyforces gave the only
abilityto us.
We have the freedom of choice and
the right to choose.
The freedom of choice.
We can freely choose between
This is my advice to you.
Hide. Don't do anything.
Hide. Don't...
You've dropped yourticket.
Don't do anything and you
won't get disappointed.
Doesn't this sound great?
l invented this axiom myself.
Well, not all of it. My girl helped me.
- ls everything all right?
- Thanks.
- Myfriend is a locksmith. He's lost hisjob.
We found him ajob at our radio station
in a do-it-yourself program.
There are too many people and too
These are not mywords.
They are Greg's.
ls there any place to
have some rest in this city?
- l got it.
- Listen, l can take you to a decent place.
l see, you've bought some apples as well.
l eat only red apples. Which ones
are these?
The Marx-Engels marathon run.
The blue ones.
Well, that's nonsense. Blue apples
don't exist.
- Did l say blue?
Oh, no, l surely meant red apples.
Why did you say "blue apples"?
Why? Because l sometimes mix some
colors up.
-What do you mean?
Have you heard anything about color
blindness? l'm color blind.
Why are you looking at me like that?
l'm a sick man. That's all.
- Brother!
You're my brother.
And how could it all happen?
You see, l was about ten then.
Or about that. l rememberthat something
got into my eye.
Forthree days l felt there was
something in my eye.
l couldn't understand what it was.
On the third day l woke up and saw
the world in pink. Everything was pink.
Theytook me to the eye doctor and one
ofthe physicians called it


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