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endInspired by Astrid Lindgren's
fairy tale.
Karlsson and The Kid
Voice over:
The Kid - K. Roomyanova
Karlsson -V. Livanov
Fido! Fido!
Here, boy!
What did I say?
Tell me please, do you
always have to fight?
You can resolve any
argument with words.
Sure you can!
Easy for you to say.
For example, you two
have each other.
And I've got no one! No one!
Not even a dog...
Excuse me, requesting
permission to land
What what? Can I land here?
Can't you see I'm running out of fuel?
Go ahead, please.
OK. Let's continue the conversation.
What's your name?
Of course yours, not mine!
Just Kid?
No! You should do it like I do.
I'm Karlsson, who lives on the roof!
- Sounds good, doesn't it?
- It does.
But don't worry about it.
You can simply call me Karlsson.
- Let's try! Hey Kid!
- Hey Karlsson!
Let's continue our conversation.
How old are you?
Only seven? And I thought eight.
What are you looking at me for?
Why don't you ask how old I am?
I'm very sorry, how old are you?
I'm a man in the prime of my life and
at the height of my powers.
Really? And at what age do you
reach the height of your powers?
When, you know...
Let's not talk about it!
Can  I press that?
Help yourself! Press it!
You got any jam?
Yes, I have.
Let's have it, then!
Should I press it again?
Go ahead!
Hey, Kid! You'll never be
bored with me, will you?
Ha-ha! What are you doing?
Ah, just a little bit of monkey
business, mucking about.
But it will fall down!
Don't be alarmed, all'll be fine!
It did fall down! 'pon my word!
Did you see that?
Smashed into pieces!
But I wonder now,
what will my Mum say?
Well, Mums. That's life!
I'll give you 10 000 lamps tomorrow.
Hey, let's muck about!
I can imagine how angry Dad will be!
Dad? What about him?
I'd better be flying!
Don't be alarmed, all'll be fine!
What's happened here?
A mere trifle! Things happen!
That's right! He'll bring 10 000 lamps!
No bro, you must shoulder the blame
and not shift it onto a certain Karlsson!
Right you are, Dad!
We'd better hurry or
we'll be late for the film.
Shame on you!
Listen Mum.
My brother'll grow up, get married
one day, then he'll die
Will I have to marry his old wife, then?
Why, darling?
'Cause I have to have to have
all his hand-me-downs:
pyjamas, bicycle, skates ... and the rest
I promise, I'll do everything to
rid you of his old wife.
That's good, but I'd rather
have a dog, than a wife
Don't be alarmed, all'll be fine!
- Karlsson!
- Hey, kiddo!
That's so wonderful that you came!
Sure it is!
Karlsson, my Mum's strictly
forbidden me to touchthe jam.
You get so nasty,
when the sickest person in the world wants
to have a couple of spoonfuls of jam
Are you sick, really?
I've got the highest
temperature in the world!
- Really?
- Yes, really! if you need to know
You know what,
you have to become my mother!
Listen, I don't think you are sick
- Of course I am!
- No, you are not!
- I'm telling you I am
- No, you are not!
You're so difficult!
Can't I get sick like everyone else?
Do you want to get sick?
Like you don't!
Everyone wants it!
You're just lying in b...
Listen, let's go to my place!
I'll lie in bed, and you'll
ask me how I'm feeling
And tell you: "I'm the sickest
person in the world...
and I need nothing, but
maybe just a huge cake,
loads of chocolate and ... some
kind of enormous bag of sweets."
That's it!
"I'm upstairs, at Karlsson's,
who lives on the roof."
What happened?
Nothing, we're just flying
Wait! You've forgotten about the jam!
No, it's here!
Listen, you've left the sweets!
No, they are here too!
Don't press on my neck!
Karlsson, who lives up on the roof
Welcome, my dear friend ...
... Karlsson.
Well, you can come in too.
You gave me pins and
needles in my neck!
I almost forgot that I'm
the sickest person in the world!
Why are standing there
like a spare

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