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Человек из ресторана

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movieFrom collection of
"GosFilmFond" USSR
"Man From A Restaurant" drama in 6 parts
based on story by I.S. Schmeliov
Director Yakov Protazanov
Screenplay Yakov Protazanov, Oleg Leonidov
Photograpy Anatoliy Golovnia
Battle of our troops with Germans
near Ilov and Lovitsch, Poland.
European war
To the restaurant!...
Man from the restaurant
Terror of the "people"
Everybody is to glue rubber to soles
of his shoes in order to silence them.
I order all to hobnail your boots.
Tobacco for heroes
Factory owner
Deliverer who delivers
felt boots for the Army
I have ordered a dish "A la Richelieu"
and how did your serve it?
There were separate cabinets in the
restaurant, with separate entrances.
This is not fair... We do not
have to pay for guests disorder!
Secretary of State
He just has arrived!
He is the most energetic member
of War Production Committee, Your Honour.
He looks like former manager
of the office, Your Honour.
To our adored monarch, to our
grey heroes, to war until victorious end!
The general did it
cleaner than the butler...
War Production Committee
this time well...
deserved approval of
the Secretary of State
The life of the restaurant
came to standstill only in the morning..
Home for the rest.
Is there among you, brothers anybody
from 171 regiment? I have a son there...
Home for the rest.
Parent-teacher correspondence and
grades notebook. Nataliya Skorokhodova
Once a week, on Sunday, there was possibility
to spend half a day with wife and daughter.
...from 171 infantry regiment,
Nikolay Skorokhodov died from gas poisoning...
And "the man" was confused that day on duty...
Drunk, or what?
Please sit by her half an hour,
I will run for the doctor.
Broken plates? You will pay.
For a whole dozen.
This is for luck!... For luck!.
For someone for luck, someone
must pay for the damage...
For more than a month sick
woman did not raise from bedding...
How may days our daughter did miss at school...
There can be trouble...
This is outrage, not to pay
for lodging for a second month!
This evening at the restaurant visiting
merchands had a good time.
It is not possible even here,
to take a rest from all these wounded?
Have you ever seen
how ruffes are fished?
Here sir, I found it left by you.
You are wanted in the kitchen.
A message from home.
In empty apartment
Please darling, pass over
this letter to your father.
A room to let, for nice lodger, with furniture
and samovar, ask apartment no. 9.
.. for missing classes and for missing payments
from list of pupils is excluded...
I will seek the truth. I will go,
I will make them...
I will beg the manager
of the school, I will beg...
We should not beg the restaurant
manager but summon up the strength.
We should organize
a trade union!..
Set up a gentlemen's club?!
A lodger
Anybody home?
Come in.
So in an hour I will come with things
Until the evening new lodger
already moved into his room
On the second day
Don't worry, I will beg him, will beg...
Cabinet of director
of the grammar school
How can I help?
We have a family misfortune...
Very sorry but we are not
a charitable institution.
If you have no means for tuition,
there is no real need for learning!
We are overcrowded
with cook's children.
War Poduction Committee.
Top secret. To Moscow War Region
Germans would gladly pay
a million for this document.
Into Top Secret folder
War Poduction Committee. Top secret.
To Moscov War Region. On Mobilisation
High denomination banknotes.
500 rubles
New lodger quickly
has joined family life
Pick up your violin,
I have found a job for you.
At maestro's Capuladi
She is not a virtuoso of course...
As a memeber
of the orchestra will do.
Only they should not know
that she is my daughter...
In the first week, all frequent
visitors of the restaurant...
took special attention
to the new violinist.
Человек из ресторана

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