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An Experemental studio
of comedy film
Rostislav PLYATT, Georgy VITSIN,
in O.Henry's short stories
Director and screenplay
Director of photography
Music by G.FIRTICH
We ain't got long to wait here.
They'll be on our trail.
What are we going to do
about a hoss for you, Bob?
Oh, I guess that can use of
yours'll  carry double for a while.
We'll annex the first animal
we come across.
By jingoes, we made a haul,
didn't we?
According to the marks
on this money there's 30,000 
15,000 apiece!
It's short of what I expected.
Old Bolivar's mighty nigh played out,
I wish that sorrel of yours hadn't got hurt.
So do I, but it can't be helped.
Bolivar will get us both far enough
to get fresh mounts.
What a pity!
Dang it, Shark, I can't help thinking
how funny it is  that an Easterner
like you can come out here
and give us Western fellows cards
and spades in the desperado business.
What part of the East was
you from, anyway?
I say, what part of
the East was you from?
- I'm from New York State.
- New York?
I got here by sheer luck.
I was walking along the road
with my clothes in a bundle,
making for New York City.
I had an idea of going there
and making lots of money.
I always felt like I could do it.
I came to a place where the road forked
and I didn't know which fork to take.
I studied about it for half an hour,
and then I took the left-hand.
and I went West with it.
Well done!
I've often wondered...
if I wouldn't have turned out
different if I'd took the other road.
Oh, I reckon you'd have
ended up about the same.
It ain't the roads we take,
it's what's inside of us that makes
us turn out the way we do.
I'd a good deal rather that sorrel
of yours hadn't hurt himself, Bob.
Same here,
he was sure a first-rate
kind of a crowbait.
But Bolivar, he'll pull us
through all right.
Reckon we'd better be moving on,
hadn't we, Shark?
- Stop your funning! We got to be hitting
the breeze. - Set still!
Set still! You ain't going
to hit no breeze, Bob.
I hate to tell you, but there ain't
any chance for but one of us.
Bolivar, he's plenty tired,
and he can't carry double.
We been pards, me and you,
for three year, Shark Dodson.
We've risked our lives together
time and again.
I've always give you a square deal,
and I thought you was a man.
I've heard some queer stories
about you shooting one or
two men in a peculiar way,
but I never believed 'em.
You don't know how bad I feel,
about that sorrel of yourn
breaking his leg, Bob.
Now if you're just having a little
fun with me, Shark,
put your gun up.
If you mean to shoot  shoot!
Shoot, you blackhearted son
of a tarantula!
Bolivar cannot carry double.
Ahem! Peabody,
I must have fallen asleep?
Yes, sir.
I had a most remarkable dream.
What is it, Peabody?
Mr. Williams, sir, is outside.
He has come to settle his deal.
The market caught him
short, sir, if you remember.
Yes, I remember.
What is quoted at today?
 One eighty-five, sir.
Then that's his price.
Excuse me, sir, but he say he's
an old friend of yours, Mr. Dodson,
and he would like to speak with you...
And he's waiting...
- Okay. Let him in.
- Yes, sir.
Listen, Dodson,
we been pards, me and you...
I've always give you
a square deal.
I'm very sorry that it happened...
You bought up all stocks.
I think you might...
If you remember
I sold you the stock at 98.
Yes, I remember...
...at 98.
Listen Dodson, if I
settle at the market price,
as you are asking me to do,
I will lose money - be ruined!
This would be my downfall.
I ask you, please...
I hate to tell you,
but there ain't
any chance for you.
One eighty-five.
Bolivar cannot carry double.
Lay still! I say lay still!
Hands up!
Up with the other one.
You might be

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