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Wash your windows, lady?
I don't do windows!
We have you surrounded.
Stay right where you are.
Fire a warning shot.
- That's no woman!
- In that case, kill her!
Go back to the future,
you unhuman nymph from hell!
Holy shit!
No, no! Cut it!
Cut it! God, this is completely
unusable! You effects guys
will be the death of me!
- Hal... Hal!
- Yeah, talk to me!
I'm gonna talk to you, all right! It might be
an idea if the car blows up before it...
So I messed up!
- It happened. It's done.
- Oh, God!
- Turn that thing off!
- All right. I'm trying, I'm trying!
- Is it off or not?
- It's off. I don't know why it's doing this!
How can it be moving if it is off?!
Please answer me!
I don't know.
- I can't get it to stop!
- My life is passing before my eyes!
What the hell are you doing? That's a
quarter-million-dollar piece of equipment!
Oh, my God! Rollie Tyler!
Rollie, it's me, Marty Evans.
I was a third on Chainsaw Santa.
What brings you here?
The kid likes to see movies being made.
- I'm a great fan.
- Fingers! Clean up the cyborg, all right?
Rollie, I have got this
primo new project I'd love to have...
Sorry, I'm not in this game any more.
But if you need any toys for your kids,
give us a ring.
Come on, Chris.
Next time you hire a special-effects
bloke, make sure he's got all his fingers!
- Night.
- That was great, Rollie!
- That was schlock.
- Why don't you work for that guy?
Cos I like living too much.
Can I have some help
with this piece of junk?
We'll be late!
- Did you hear me?
- Yeah. I hear ya.
You're not even dressed!
You are always doing this.
You forgot, didn't you?
No. I didn't forget.
Now, here. Try this on.
Come on!
I had to bribe the maitre d'
to get this reservation.
I'd have been happy just going to Mario's.
It's not your birthday, it's mine.
- You've got good legs.
- Shut up.
I like your dress.
- What is this thing?
- There we are.
- A telemetry suit.
- I would have preferred a Ralph Lauren!
- What are you doing?
- Turning you on.
- What do I do now?
- Whatever you like.
- Do you like it?
- This is amazing!
- Kids are gonna love this.
- The kids that can afford it!
Oh, yeah. Your index finger
operates his eyes.
You're gonna have to think
of a name for this thing.
- I thought I might call it Bluey.
- Bluey?
At home, if you've got red hair
you're called Blue.
- What if you have blue hair?
- Grandma!
Not a hundred per cent effective.
You'll find a screwdriver in your pocket.
Can you hand it to me?
Thank you!
What have we got there?
Wait a minute.
Thank you!
- You like it?
- I love it!
And Bluey loves it too!
Let me turn him off.
- There we go.
- Now can I get out of this thing?
Unless you want to go
to the restaurant like that!
Off we go.
- Yeah?
- It's Mike.
Come on up, Mike.
Chris! I told you,
- no choppers in the house!
- I think I got the hang of it.
- Well done. A light touch, remember.
- Chris...!
- Cut it out. Your father's on his way up.
- I'm all packed, Mom.
- Hi, Dad.
- There he is!
Hi, Mike. What time do you have?
I'm sorry. I was working on something
on my own. I got hung up.
How's it goin', slugger?
Look what I nabbed from
the captain's desk. Like it?
Rollie made me a Dick Tracy watch.
Not the same thing.
Your dad's has got a lot more range.
- Mike.
- How are ya?
At least it's real.
- Can I use your phone?
- Yeah. It's right there.
Chris, go get your things.
- A costume party, huh?
- You'd look good in this!
Brandon here.
Come on!
For Chrissake, I just put in 15 hours!
Yeah, I'm heading in. All right.
- Shit!
- Mike, you promised!
I'm sorry. I'll take him with me.
- Champ, wanna go to work with me?
- Great!
All right.
Bet you thought I'd forgot.
Have a good time!
That guy's still in love with you.
No. He just doesn't like you very much.
- Well?
- You know my middle name.
Long time no see!
OK, Chris,
just make

- 1980

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