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subtitles by DexThor
written for docs4you
A year ago my life had collapsed around me.
I've worked myself into exhaustion,
My father died suddenly
and my relationships were in turmoil.
Little did I know at the time
out of my greatest despair
was to come the greatest gift.
I've been given a glimpse of a great secret.
I began tracing the secret back through history
I couldn't believe all the people who knew this.
They were the greatest people in history.
All I wanted to do was to
share this secret with the world.
I began searching for people alive today
who know the secret.
One by one
they began to emerge.
If you know this secret
it gives you everything you want.
Happiness, health and wealth.
You can have, do or be anything you want.
We can have whatever that is we choose.
I don't care how big it is.
What kind of a house do you wanna live in?
Do you wanna be a millionaire?
What kind of a business do you wanna have?
Do you want more success?
What do you really want?
I've seen many miracles take
place in people's lives.
Financial miracles,
miracles of physical healing,
mental healing,
healing in relationships...
All of this happen because of
knowing how to apply the secret.
This is the great secret of life.
You've probably been sitting there
wondering what is this secret.
I'll tell you how I have come
to understand it.
We all work with one infinite power.
We all guide ourselves
by exactly the same laws.
The natural laws of the Universe
are so precise
That we don't even have any difficulty
building spaceships,
we can send people to the moon,
and we can time the landing with the
precision of a fraction of a second.
I don't care if you're an Indian,
if you're in Australia, New Zealand,
Stockholm or London,
or Toronto, or Montreal, or New York...
We all working with one power,
one law.
It's attraction.
The secret is the Law of Attraction.
Everything that's coming into your life,
you are attracting into your life.
And it's attracted to you by virtue of the image
as you're holding in your mind.
It's what you're thinking.
You see, whatever is
going on in your mind
you are attracting to you.
Now, wise people have always known that.
You go right back to the ancient Babylonians
they've always known this.
It's a small select group of people.
Why do you think that 1% of the population
earns around 96% of all the money
that's being earned?
Do you think that's an accident?
It's no accident.
It's designed that way.
They understand something.
They understand the secret.
And you are being introduced to the secret.
The simplest way for me to look at
the Law of Attraction
is if I think of myself as a magnet.
And I know that a magnet
will attract to it.
Very basically put, the Law of Attraction
says that like attracts like.
But we're really talking
at the level of thought.
Our job as humans is to hold on
to the thoughts of what we want,
make it absolutely clear in our minds
what we want
and from there we start to invoke
one of the greatest laws in the Universe
and that's the Law of Attraction.
You become what you think about most,
but you also attract
what you think about most.
If you see it in here
you're gonna hold it here.
And that principle can be summed up
in three simple words:
What most people don't understand is
that a thought has a frequency.
Every thought has a frequency.
We can measure a thought.
It's if you're thinking that thought
over and over and over again
or if you're imagining in your mind
having that brand new car,
having the money that you need,
building that company,
finding your soul mate;
if you imagine what that looks like
you're emitting that frequency
on a consistent basis.
Thoughts are sending out
that magnetic signal
that is drawing the parallel
back to you.
See yourself living in abundance
and you will attract that.
It always works.
it works every time
with every person.

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