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Based on works
by Mikhail BULGAKOV
Literary consultant
Screenplay and directed
by Alexander ALOV
Screenplay and directed
Vladimir NAUMOV
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Sound Engineer R.KAZARYAN
English subtitles by
Maria Kurchatova Lopes Pereira
Serafima Korzukhina - Ludmila SAVELIEVA
Sergei Golubkov - Alexei BATALOV
General Charnota - Mikhail ULIANOV
Lyuska - Tatiana TKACH
Khludov - Vladislav DVORZHETSKY
Korzukhin - Eugeny EVSTIGNEEV
Also starring:
Frunze - Roman KHOMYTOV
Baev - Vladimir ZAMANSKY
Krapilin - Nikolai OLYALIN
White Guard General - Bruno FREINDLICH
Tikhiy - Vladimir OSENEV
Golovan - Alexander YANVARYOV
Artur Arturovich, the Cockroach Tsar - Vladimir BASOV
Lichiko - Tamara LOGINOVA
Colonel - Oleg YEFREMOV
Petka Scheglov - Alyosha NAUMOV
Skunsky - Pavel SHPRINGFELD
Undertaker - Nikolai SERGEEV
Part One
Who are you?
I wanted to help you...
Sometimes it seems to me
that I am dreaming... Indeed.
What's wrong with you?
You are burning.
Sit down.
I'll be right back.
Stop! Stop!
- Water!
- What water? Forward!
Wait. Just some water...
Give me a flask!
Nude in the frost!
Nude in the frost!
The best Italian troupe from Viazma!
Nude in the frost!
Excuse me, Your Excellency!
The Reds are in town!
General Krapchikov!
The cards are dealed!
Go away!
Lose. Excuse me...
To yourself.
Excuse me!
Excuse me, here you are!
Hooray, viva, hurray!
- Come, madam!
- Where?
There... There!
Give in the name of Christ.
Search the monastery!
And who are you?
- Paisiy.
- Paisiy. Well, well...
Come here.
Did you burn the fire on the bell tower?
- By no means!
- Did you give the signs to the Whites?
- No, there're only ours here!
- Who are these?
- Refugees. Your IDs, gentlemen!
We got under fire and rushed here,
to the monastery.
- And this one?
- A woman! She is in labor. Here's the passport.
Barabanchikova, married.
And where is her husband?
Just the right place and time to give birth!
- Whites!
- Let's go!
Squadron! To horse! Now!
Where did these Reds come from?
And why did it all happen?
- De Brizar!
- Your Excellency!
A coat! A papakha for me!
And a cigarette.
- Yes, sir!
And you, civil worm, aren't you a
procurator? Your ID!
I am not a procurator. I am a privatdozent.
We're escaping from Petersburg.
- And you, madam?
- I am the wife of the Minister of Commerce.
Serafima Karzukhina. Here are my
false documents, and here are the real ones.
A thousand apologies, madam!
- Excuse me. Let's go, madam.
- Noah's Ark! Music!
Cossacks! General Charnota
is recaptured from the Reds!
- Hello, cossacks!
- Viva, Your Excellency!
Lyuska! Lyuska...
- Grishka, alive!
- Lyuska!
Excuse me, gentlemen.
And we were going to serve
your requiem mass...
I saw death as close as you now.
Let me go, I'm cold.
Can you imagine,
when I came to Headquarters
of General Krapchikov,
he, that son of a bitch, made
me play vint.
A dispatch was sent to him but he
postponed the decoding until morning!
And Budionny troops - here -
out of the blue!
I went by the backyard to Mr. Barabanchikov
and said: "Give me some ID".
When I came here and looked - the ID is female,
his wife's, Mrs. Barabanchikova.
And it says "pregnant"!
So I told them: "Lay me down like this,
in the church!"
So I am lying, in labor...
And so cold!
And suddenly I hear -
His spurs - flop-flop, flop-flop..
Well, I think "Where are you going?
Here the death awaits you under my horsecloth!
Come on, uncover me quickly!"
He took my passport but
didn't lift the horsecloth.
Pardon me, gentlemen...
To get to Crimea.
Under Roman Khludov's wing.
- Go out in 5 minutes!
- Wait!
Holy fathers, wait!
Are you mad?
Started this ceremony!
You must flee!
The corps are on our

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