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We have at last found Earth.
Two unidentified flying
objects on radar.
Bring them down.
Hey! You turkeys
pull off.
My name is not Turkey,
and neither is his.
Pull over,
wise guy.
DILLON: Surprise!
MAN ON TV: Two demonstrators
were apprehended trying
to break into
Peace Prize winner
Donald Mortinson's
laboratory today
after beating up
a security guard:
My Lord.
How can you have a problem
with a simple set
of fingerprints?
Well, come see for yourself.
There ain't no ridges,
there ain't no valleys.
They may be as important
to mankind as the coming
of the Messiah.
ADAMA: The great ship
Majestic and loving,
strong and protecting:
Our home for these many years
we've endured the wilderness
of space:
And now we near
the end of our journey:
Scouts and electronic
surveillance confirm that
we have reached our haven,
that planet which is home
to our ancestor brothers:
Too many of our sons
and daughters did not survive
to share the fulfillment
of our dream:
We can only take comfort
and find strength in that
they did not die in vain:
We have at last found Earth.
You wish to see me, Dr. Zee.
DR. ZEE: The transmissions
continue to disturb me.
Our tenacious pursuit
of Earth has been
founded on her ability
to help us defeat our enemies.
I now believe
we have visible proof
that the Earth is not
scientifically advanced
enough to help us.
We cannot land.
Dr. Zee.
How can I tell
my people that...
That we cannot
end our journey?
All those
who survived,
all those who were
born in space
as you were.
We are here.
We are within
reach of Earth.
So are our enemies.
Our enemies?
We haven't seen the forces
of the Cylon Alliance
in a billion star miles.
Because they haven't
wanted us to know
they were there.
What are you saying?
That they simply
let us lead them
to the last remaining
humans in the universe,
the people on Earth,
in order to destroy them.
What have I done?
I led them here.
ADAMA: Dr: Zee had been
born to us in deep space:
A prodigy:
A cerebral mutation
far in advance of
our own intelligence:
His wisdom had delivered us
from our enemies countless
times in the past:
Now, he wished an assembly
of our senior warriors
and counsel:
We would gather at once:
We made it.
Hi. We made it.
Easy, easy, kids.
You're gonna
singe those circuits.
Troy, I got a message
for us to report
to the Galactica:
I'm almost finished.
Just putting away
some personal effects.
It's true, then,
about us landing
on Earth?
I don't know.
Why did they ever
call you Boxey?
It's just a name that
my mother and father
always called me.
I understand I was
quite a little terror
when I was younger.
You're not considered
any pushover now.
I guess your father was
about the best warrior
our people ever had.
TROY: They were good people.
The best.
Is something wrong?
Everybody's worried.
About what?
About why we haven't
landed, why we haven't
contacted Earth.
Sometimes you just can't
drop in unannounced.
Then there is a problem.
There might be.
ADAMA: The planet Earth
is the third outermost planet
of nine planets
orbiting a single sun.
Its proximity to the sun
provides the only climate
in the galaxy
comfortably able
to support life
as we know it.
Seven-tenths of the Earth's
surface is covered with water.
However, there's plenty
of room for all our people.
The land masses are
divided into seven
principle continents,
twenty percent of which
are unpopulated deserts.
Two contain polar ice fields.
Now, all of these areas
could easily be reclaimed
by our technology.
But there is
disquieting news.
Dr. Zee.
Thank you, Commander.
This is one of
the seven continents
on the planet Earth.
It is known as North America.
This is a population center
in the western sector
of that continent
known as Los Angeles.
What's that odd-

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