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It was the first postwar spring...
Dad! Look at the car!
- Hi there! Good morning, friend.
- Good morning to you.
Go ahead, son, shake hands
with the man.
WeII, oId man, why is your hand
so coId?
I'm not an oId man. I'm a boy.
And my hands are coId
because I was throwing stones.
This partner of mine is a reaI
If I take a Iong stride,
he breaks into a trot.
So we have to hobbIe together
Iike a horse and a turtIe.
- Are you waiting for your boss?
- That's right!
- What time is the ferry on?
- In a coupIe of hours.
WeII, we'II sit here and wait for it.
I'm in no hurry.
When I saw you I knew right away
you were a driver, too.
So I figured I'd stop and have
a smoke with you.
Smoking aIone is about as bad
as dying aIone.
- My cigarettes are a bit wet.
- Wet tobacco is no good.
Try this. It's oId army rough-cut.
It's pretty good stuff too.
- Were you driving in the war too?
- Right from the start.
- At the front, I guess?
- Yes.
WeII, I had my share
of grief out there too, friend,
right up to my nostriIs.
Go on, dear,
go and pIay by the water.
But be carefuI you don't get
your feet wet!
Sometimes I can't sIeep at night.
I just Iie there staring into
the darkness, thinking,
what wrecked my Iife
the way it did?
Why was it such a torture?
Based on the short story by
MikhaiI ShoIokhov
ScreenpIay by
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designers
Music by V. BASNER
Sound by Yu. MIKHAILOV
EngIish SubtitIes by
T. Kameneva
PavIik BORISKIN as Vanyushka
Z. KIRIENKO as Irina
P. VOLKOV as Ivan Timofeyevich
Yu. AVERIN as MueIIer
K. ALEXEYEV as German Major
A MosfiIm Studio Production
My earIy Iife was pretty much
run of the miII.
I was originaIIy from Voronezh
Province, born there in 1900.
During the CiviI War,
I went with the Red Army.
When the famine of '22 came,
I sIaved for the KuIaks in the Kuban,
or I wouIdn't be aIive today.
When I came back from the Kuban,
aII my foIks were dead.
Have you come to inspect our work?
Maybe we're buiIding this mansion
for you, princess?
I'm not used to mansions.
I was brought up in an orphanage.
My whoIe famiIy, Irina,
father, mother and IittIe sister,
aII of them starved to death.
That's our foreman pIaying.
He's a good oId chap.
So you see I'm aII aIone too. Not
a singIe reIative in the whoIe worId.
I aIways see you two together.
You make a fine coupIe.
WiII you see me to my door
Across the fieId unharrowed.
You're my Iove for evermore,
Let's go and get married.
Oh, my dearest sweetheart,
I never had it so hard.
I'm Iovesick, that is true,
I'm crazy about you!
If you hadn't waIked up to that
house, we'd never have met.
- What do you need me for?
- For everything in Iife.
Looking at her from the side,
perhaps she wasn't so striking,
but you see, I was Iooking at her
straight in the face.
The sea storm is strong and fierce,
Waves are surging in a whirI.
I was courting her two years
And had gotten the best girI...
And so we got married.
He won't take it. I don't know
how to do it.
Don't worry.
Go on, give it to him.
They aIways fIinch at first.
ToIyushka, darIing, come on.
Come on, sweetheart, keep waIking.
That's it, come on now.
WeII, sonny, come to Daddy.
Daddy's home!
Go to sIeep now, honey.
You'd better sIeep against the waII.
You might roII off the bed.
Here, it'II make you feeI better.
But, pIease, don't do it again, dear.
How couId a man Iet someone down
who put so much trust in him?
For me, there was no woman in the
worId more beautifuI and desirabIe,
and there never wiII be!
- What's going on here?
- Daddy's home!
And so we Iived for 1 7 years.
They fIit by Iike in a dream.
But what is seventeen years...
Ask any oId man if he's noticed
how he spent his Iife.
You'II find he hasn't noticed

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