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Когда Святые Маршируют

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StrakhovWhen The Saints Go Marching In
Look...It's Gerasim!
Felix...It's been thirty years...
What a cool band they were!
Oh, look - Victor Krotov...
Even Sokolnikov does not have photos like these!
Lucie... Lucie Levchenko!
Do you know - being a boy, I loved her...
Well, you were really a boy that time...
Felix, did they get married with Banja?
To my best knowledge, they did not.
Well, Jury - let's stop this nostalgy,
we don't have time now.
Yes...Jazz club...Baranovsky speaking...
Yes, it is the 30th anniversary of the club
and the 50th of Sokolnikov, the president...
Yes, sure, just come! Thank you!
This was television!
Look, here is all the information,
when the photos are ready just stick them on.
Yes...Jazz club, Baranovsky...
Sorry, cannot help you - all tickets are gone!
No, no -I undersrtand, but this is a private show,
only for the members!
Great! Fantastic!
Only to the members!
Look, Pablo - this is the Sokolnikov's first band
Gerasim, Krotov - what guys they were!
Lucie and Banja...
Lucie Levchenko, oh gosh...
Pablo, how she sang!
This is Banja, well - he bacame famous,
a writer...
This is Mendel, he works in a music school now,
a teacher...
Gerasim is a bartender...
This is Boris Reshmin, a trumpeter...
Was he a leader?
No...don't know how to say - he played just great
And he was their conscience...
The band's conscience
Thanks! Well, jazzmen - see you tomorrow!
Jury Petrovich, wish you have a great
celebration of the club's anniversary!
Pablo, please don't come late...
Don't worry, Lena - we'll finish in an hour!
We'll be home by the evening!
I'll pick up Peter from the school
Banja, the jazz club is inviting you to
the night jam
Alex Sokolnikov turned 50...
Jubileum in the jazz club...so to say
No, thanks - I cannot come
Well, I surely understand -
you are a writer, a busy man
but you can surely dedicate one night
to your friends...
to play at a night jam, eh?..
Listen, what do you know?
I said my farewell to jazz 25 years ago!
I don't go to concerts, don't play any longer...
I sold my double bass a long ago!
This was a bad idea -
it is much harder to play a somebody's...
I am not going to play!
Do you understand? I will not come!
I have not seen anybody for 25 years,
what will I tell them?..
You don't have to tell anything...
Just play...
Oh, by the way - everybody agreed to come
Reshmin too?
Of course he did!
Well, this is certainly not "of course"...
Do you know how we parted?
No, I do not - I was a boy that time,
did not know much about...
Was there anything illegal?
We've been seven years as one, and parted instantly...
Everything finished suddenly,
just like in a nuclear explosion...
I will not go anywhere, don't ask me...
That's it!
Well...I'm very sorry.
Wait! Luda Levchenko, Lucie...
Is she also coming?
Lucie was really excited!
Hello...Lucie...Is that you?
Lucie? No, you got a wrong number!
Well, I can do so too!
Then, about love! A woman is singing...
A black woman...
Go away! You pestered me so much!
Off my way! Don't even think to touch!
Oh, how many days I beared you...
Go away, I don't love you!
Well, but if you,
if you come again some day...
Well, well, if you
even try to make me laid -
I'll punch you in face, my friend,
that's my word!
Go away, oh help me, Lord!
Can you finally bring butter to the store?
I cannot stand this anymore!
Excuse me, where can I find Victor Krotov?
Well done!..
Ambulance came, they are asking about you...
Maybe that's not that bad? How do you know?
- Can I ask you something?
- You better don't, I've got a health condition...
It's not about you,
I'm looking for Victor Krotov, do you know him?
- He's there, in the storage...
- Thanks!
- No problem...
- Victor, he came for you!
- Where is he?
- I sent him there...
I'm looking for
Когда Святые Маршируют

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