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Муми-тролль и комета: Путь домой

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KingCreative Association "Ekran"
In the morning of the fifth of September birds were not singing,
the comet has grown up to the moon's size
and was lighting up mountains with an improbable, red light.
Where has the water got to?
There's a sand all around.
Oh, oh, oh! My collection! My butterflies!
Oh, oh, oh!
Hemulen! The comet's flying towards us!
Within three days it will fall onto the earth!
Moomintroll, Sniff and Snufkin were hurrying towards the Moomin valley
A way to home
Based on Tove Marika Jansson's
story "Comet In Moominland"
Third Film
I'm so tired.
Don't want to walk any more.
And on the whole it's time for me to go to bed.
Don't worry; when we reach the sea and set sail, we'll rest.
A dance floor! Over here.
Why would we dance for, we have to hurry to mamma.
There were a lot of people on the dance floor,
those who weren't afraid to climb out of dried rivers and lakes came running here -
vodyanoy, crawling pipsqueaks -
and on the trees wood fairies sat and gossiped.
Coming out! Coming out!
Hey, little animals, tying up your tails in a bow.
The sea! Where is the sea? The sea's been dried!
Oh. And this is all by the comet.
We have to go there - on the other si... side.
Oh, we have to hurry to mamma.
It's impossible on foot - we'll get stuck.
Of the fragments of breaking ships
they've made stilts - for quick walking.
Like little, long-legged insects Moomintroll, Sniff and Snufkin
were going away into the depth of dried sea.
Oh, seashell.
Hm, one more...
Oh, more... more...
Er-r-r-r... Crabs!
A ship...
A-a-ah... what a big ship...
Come back! Come back immediately!
Oh, it's sparkling.
What is it?
Oh, a mirror.
A-ah... how pretty... how pretty I am...
Watch out, Sniff, a cuttlefish!
Quick! Quick! Help me! Pull out me!
Mamma! Where is our mamma?
Your mamma has been left alone, she's waiting for you...
All inhabitants of the Moomin valley have been mooving on.
I don't know anybody, I know nobody, who wanted to wait until the comet came.
And, and where is it known from that the comet will fell down into our Moomin valley?
The Muskrat has said so.
One's kicking up a rumpus. What is it?
A running. What is the thing?
A noising swarms are all around!
What's going on?
The whole week I've been puting in order my stamps!
Good day.
Aren't you a relative to that Hemulen by any chance,
well, that who's catching butterflies?
I'm his cousin.
You're a cousin of one, who with a butterfly net?
Yes, yes, yes, I'm his cousin.
Listen, run quick to your own mamma,
or else tomorrow the comet will fall and there will nothing be left from your stamps!
That means you're advising me, aren't you?
And may I be with you?
And where had you met my cousin?
That my cousin is an awful oaf!
It's doesn't matter for him even if the world will crack - he see nothing except his butterflies.
My stamps! My collection!
My lifework!
In the day of the sixth of September
the comet had filled the whole sky.
But in Moomintrolls' home was quiet and peacefully as usual.
Mamma have been baking gingerbreads and buns.
Dear children! How I've been waiting for you!
And this is our best friend - Snufkin!
I am Moominpappa.
And this is Hemulen. He collects stamps.
My stamps! My little-stamps! My collection!
The most unique collection! She's been found!
Hey! Hah! The album with stamps has been found!
It have been brought by the wind to us yesterday.
You won't refuse, perhaps, to have gingerbreads?
Let's eat gingerbreads quicker!
The comet is approaching.
Children of earth might be frightened, philosopher - no way.
Don't you feel like a gingerbread?
I've calculated... that the comet will fall right into your kitchen garden...
So you can do not weed it.
A tasty gingerbreads.
Uncle Muskrat has decided to hide from the comet into the wardrobe.
And we want... into the wardrobe.
Let us in quick!
Please don't come in without knocking.
Муми-тролль и комета: Путь домой

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