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Based upon documents of
D.A. Furmanov and A.N. Furmanova
Written and directed by
the Vassiliev Brothers
Yuri Muzykant
Photography by
A. Sigayev and A. Ksenofontov
Sound Engineer - Bekker
Music by Gavriil Popov
Consultants: I.S. Kutyakov,
D.M. Kovalyov and A.I. Furmanova
Chapayev - Boris Babochkin
Furmanov - Boris Blinov
Anna - Varvara Myasnikova
Pet'ka - Leonid Kmit
Colonel Borozdin - I.N. Pevtsov
Cossack - S. Shkurat
Yelan-V.Volkov, Zhikharev-N.Simonov
Peasant - B. Chirkov
A Lenfilm Production, 1934
- Hold it! Where're you going?
- The Czechs've taken the farmstead.
- The Czechs? Where's your rifle?
- Back there.
- Where's your rifle?
-Vassily Ivanovich, Comrade Commander,
I've lost it in the river when
we fled the farmstead. - Find it.
And where's your machine-gun,
I've hidden it by the river,
right on the bank.
Thank you for the farmstead, fighters.
As for your rifles, I'll personally
check up on all of you tonight.
Fall out!
- My name's Furmanov. Appointed
a commissar to your division. - I know.
That's the weavers, our volunteers.
So you're here?
Yes, we're here.
Are you a machine-gunner?
Can be a machine-gunner too. Why?
You're just in time. We've got
an order from Mikhail Frunze:
tomorrow we're assuming the offensive.
What are they doing there?
Taking a swim. It's too hot.
Quiet, folks! Chapay needs to think.
Pugachev's regiment attacks at mid-
night... Razin's stays in the reserve.
So, by 9 a.m. we'll take
the village of Lomikhinskaya.
- What d'ye think, Yelan? - I think
a blow on the right flank is better.
And what does the Commissar think?
I think...
My opinion is...
The Commander's already taken
the decision and I think it's right.
Everything you said here is to be
spit on and forgotten.
Now listen to my command:
we attack on both flanks.
Cross the river only by the bridge.
It will hold. I've checked it.
We begin attacking at 5 a.m. sharp.
And we'll go by way...
The village has been taken.
- Wounded? - I am, Vassily Ivanovich.
- Stupid.
You're the only brigade commander,
my military deputy.
You have no right to expose yourself
to stupid bullets.
- The bullet doesn't think who's
commander and who... - It doesn't,
but you must think.
Haven't you got brains?
Come here.
For example, a detachment
is on the march.
Where's the commander supposed to be?
At the head, on his dashing horse.
The enemy showed up
and opened cannon fire.
Where's the commander supposed to be?
He can be at the head again,
because they wouldn't fire
from cannons at one man.
Now the enemy opened gunfire.
Where's the commander supposed to be?
Suppose they have 10 machine-guns
here, and two here. Where?
- Where The ten are.
- The ten... Can't you think?
It's easier to kill you where the ten
are. So you must be where the two are.
Otherwise, without a commander,
it'll be the end of his men too.
Now the enemy is attacking.
Where's the commander supposed to be?
- At the head. - He must go
to the rear of his detachment
and watch the whole scene of
the battle from some vantage point.
Otherwise his detachment's flanks
may be turned.
Now, thanks to the decisive actions
of the detachment and its commander,
the enemy's been beaten off
and made to flee.
Our detachment is harrying the enemy
that retreats in panic.
Where's the commander supposed to be?
At the head again, on his horse.
He has to be the first to burst into
town on his enemy's shoulders.
Use your brains!
You're such a liar, Vassily Ivanovich.
If need be, you're always at the head.
Well, if need be.
This is called "back plate".
And this is called "cheeks".
And what's that called?
Back plate... Cheeks...
Smart guy.
- Don't you understand jokes? - You
- are all buggers. The Chapayev men...
You're heroes only with women.
Cut it out about heroes.
Wait till I sneak to the Whites
and bring back a prisoner who'll talk.
I bet I will...
We have to

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