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Alisa Freindlich
Andrey Miagkov
My heart is sad - I dare not tell,
My heart is sad for Somebody.
I could wake a winter night
For the sake of Somebody.
There's no one with me,
I've got to find Someone.
I could range the world around
For the sake of Somebody.
For the sake of Somebody...
I could range the world around...
As you all know...
...labour ennobles mankind.
That is why people find delight
in going to work.
I personally go to work...
...only because it ennobles me.
If not for statistics...
...we wouldn't have
the slightest idea...
...how well we work.
This is
Ludmila Prokofievna Kalugina.
Director of our statistic bureau.
She knows well the business
that she manages.
Such things do happen, too.
She comes to the office
well before hours.
And leaves after everyone
has already left.
Which means that, alas...
...she is not married.
We call her "our hag".
Behind her back, certainly.
Every morning, before I get to work...
...I get rid of my hooligans.
Here are 40 kopecks,
buy 2 cartons of milk.
- Don't you forget that!
- OK!
And don't forget
to eat breakfast!
Now, you. When will you
stop misbehaving?
Why does everybody
complain of you?
I'm not misbehaving!
Why don't they complain
of other kids?
Why did you eat playdough?
But I ate it with sugar!
But you're a grown-up man.
You know you can't eat playdough.
Why did you lock Masha
in a wardrobe?
I locked her,
and then lost the key.
Go! And don't you dare to smear
the teacher's chair with glue!
My name is Anatoly Efremovich
I exist on my salary, that is,
hand to mouth.
In a word, I make ends meet...
...finding ways and means.
This is Olga Petrovna Ryzhova.
Songs lyrics:
Robert Burns, Evgeniy Evtushenko,
Nikolai Zabolotskiy, Eldar Ryazanov
Bella Akhmadullina
Songs sung by:
Alisa Freindlich and Andrey Miagkov
She's my truest friend.
We became friends
when we were students.
What I like most of all about her
is her optimism.
Come what may...
...but we all know that
optimists move the Earth.
There are too many people
in our city.
Too many visitors,
and too many cars.
And all are rushing somewhere,
all are late for something.
There are crowds everywhere,
standing in long lines.
But anyway, I love this city.
This is my city.
It is a very good city.
This is Verochka.
She is inquisitive,
like all women...
...and feminine, like all secretaries.
Her salary is
that of a secretary.
But her outfits
are all of foreign make.
How she manages that
is mystery.
And this is Shura.
She is likeable
but, unfortunately, energetic.
Once she was put forward
as a union activist...
...and since then nobody
has managed to put her back.
Refreshed by mandatory
morning exercises...
...in the public transportation system...
...we finally come to the office.
Vovka has torn his shoes again.
Where can I get 20 rubles
till payday?
No idea.
Wait a sec,
I'll buy some pills.
Something for my head, please.
Comrades, it's a collection!
Don't go away!
People, 50 kopecks each.
What is it today?
Masha has got
an addition to the family.
Not my fault.
Who's been born?
A boy or a girl.
I have not found out yet.
People, stay here,
who has not paid!
Sign for me, too.
Who has not paid
for Masha, don't leave!
What a nasty voice!
Where can I find 20 rubles?
I wish I were appointed
the Head of Department.
I would appoint you.
You're a superb statistician,
with great experience.
Go see our hag and talk to her.
Jesus, who to appoint but you?
No, it's past belief.
Let's go.
Go talk to our hag. Tell her
you've got two kids.
She doesn't even know
that there is such a thing as kids.
She's sure they
are born as adults...
...in accordance with
the staff instructions.
But extra 50 rubles
do not


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