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scow region.
Hunting farm ''Zavidovo.''
Damn it!
You misfired oryou felt sorry
forthe wolf, Nikita Sergeevich?
As for me, l think to live
with wolves is to howl like a wolf.
Who knows.
N.S. Khrushchev.
The secretary of CC CPSU
N.V. Podgorny.
A member ofthe CC CPSU presidium
L.l. Brezhnev. The chairman
ofthe Supreme Soviet ofthe USSR
A.l. Mikoyan.
A member ofthe CC CPSU presidium
A.N. Shelepin
The CC SPSU secretary
N.G. lgnatov. The chairman ofthe RSFSR
Supreme Soviet presidium.
Member ofthe CC CPSU
V.E. Semichastny. The chairman
ofthe KGB USSR, the member ofthe CC CPSU
Look what he's done.
He insulted the party,
he cut down the army,
he cut offthe pension for militaries.
He can wring
your defence army's neck.
We count all stupidities
even on the fingers of both hands.
Why don't you talk
about the main thing?
What do you mean?
That he's thinking to move you
from the Chairman ofthe Supreme Soviet
to the secretary assistant
ofthe CC CPSU.
D.F. Ustinov. The chairman
ofVSNH USSR, member of CC CPSU.
l'm not gonna let him do that.
He'll wring his neck.
You can take offence at me,
but l'm gonna tell you the truth.
We're all friends here, so we have
nothing to conceal from each other.
You know how much l love you,
and how much l evaluate you.
l'm sorry, but now...
you'rejust an asshole!
Khrushchev gives powerto your hands.
Who is the secretary assistant,
when the assistant is always on trips?
lt's everything.
l counted,
he spent 145 days abroad last year.
lt's four months and a half.
N.V. Podgorny.
A member ofthe CC CPSU presidium
So use this!
Take everything into your own hands.
Leonid, you must think about it.
Maybe you should stop
playing Khrushchev's games.
We need
to save the countryfrom him.
Maybe you should stop
playing Khrushchev's games.
We need
to save the countryfrom him.
A.N. Shelepin.
The CC SPSU secretary
What do you think?
We have a big fish on the hook.
V.E. Semichastny. The chairman
ofthe KGB USSR, the member ofthe CC CPSU
lt's we, not them,
who should save the country.
You mean Leonid
is a transition characterfor us?
Well, now let's fish.
You've got a good catch anyway.
- He bit.
-Yes, he did.
What is in the envelope do you think?
l guess the comrade Abragimov's
foreign bank account number.
-What status is he?
-A member of CC CPSU.
He might be the secretary soon.
He's a Mashitov's man.
And that one
is a friend of Leonid llyich.
Well, it's not good, Volodya.
Where they are here?
ln Vnukovo.
The toilet for deputies.
What does it mean?
We catch them, they rule us.
lt seems so.
Stop it. We are counter-intelligence
service, who listens to us?
ln our system, in the race
for quality, there is no finish line.
l don't think the General
will be happyto see this.
lfthe boss like it or not,
but l'm gonna tell him our version.
The picture is for dessert.
lfthe General wants me to retire...
l'm not gonna shoot myself.
Are you all right?
My heart hurts.
l'll drink some medicine.
- ls your mother sleeping?
-Yes, she is.
-You sure?
- l'll check.
Yes, she is sleeping.
- How many drops?
- Thirty-two.
She is sleeping then.
What do you think you're doing?
l'll wake her up ifyou drink this!
Don't dare do that. Sit quiet.
l don't need you help with that.
What are you doing?
Remember, son.
There are two opinions.
One is mine, the other one is stupid.
- Howwas yourtrip?
- Mytrip?
l was in Sweden besides that.
Whom are you gonna be?
A candidate oftechnical sciences.
Tell me then, a scientist.
How can be socialism in Sweden?
Not here, but there, in Sweden,
which looks like a Russian village.
Why? Because we are close.
They arejust scared,
they have to.
Theyjust want
to be different from us.
Socialism without any revolution.
But my hands hurt till this day.
l did everything forthe business!
We thought we must have everything.
There were people.
There were communists!
They are different from


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