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"Soyuzmultfilm" Presents
"Winnie-Pooh and a Day of Concerns"
With original text and new translation
Boris Zakhoder, Fedor Khitruk
Directed by: Fedor Khitruk, G. Sokolsky
Music: Moissei Vainberg
Art directors: Vladimir Zuikov, Eduard Nazarov
Camera: M. Druyan     Sound: George Martynuk
Animators: G. Barinova, E. Maslova,
N. Bogomolova, Maria Motruk, Yu. Butyrin,
O. Orlova, V. Kolesnikova, Gennady Sokolsky,
E. Malashenkova, A.Solin
Montage: I. Gerasimova
Assistant Director: T. Dombrovskaya
Voices: From the author - Vladimir Ossenev,
Winnie-Pooh - Yevgeny Leonov, Piglet - Iya Savvina,
Eeyore Donkey - E. Garin, Owl - Z. Naryshkina
Editor: R. Fritchinskaya
Executive Producer: L. Butyrina
CHAPTER THREE, In Which Eeyore Has a Birthday
And Gets Three Useful Presents at Once.
Once an old grey donkey Eeyore,
Who always had terrible luck,
(especially on Fridays)
stood by the side of the lake
and contemplated strangeness of life:
- Pathetic sight.
Harrowing. A nightmare!
Well, as I thought.
No better from THIS side.
But why? Wherefore? Inasmuch as which?
And what conclusion should be drawn from this?
If I scratch the back of my head, it's okay,
There is only sawdust in it, yeah, yeah, yey!
But although there's only sawdust,
All these shouties & those screamies,
I compose them rather nicely on so ...s
- Good morning, Eeyore!
- Good morning, Winnie-Pooh.
If it IS a good morning...
Which I personally doubt.
- And how are you?
- Not very how... I don't seem to...
...to have felt at all HOW for a long time.
- Why, what's the matter?
- Nothing, Pooh Bear, nothing. We can't all,
and some of us don't. That's all there is to it.
- Can't all what?
- Gaiety. Song-and-dance: "It's okay, yeah, yeah, yey!"
And... the like...
- Why, what's happened to your tail?
- What HAS happened to it?
- It isn't there!
- Are you sure?
- Well, either a tail IS there or it isn't there.
You cannot make a mistake about it.
- Then what is there?
- Nothing.
- This can't be.
I believe you are right.
- You must have left it somewhere.
- Somebody must have taken it.
How Like Them.
One could expect this. On such a Day...
- What kind of day is it?
- Friday. It's my birthday.
- Today?
- But who cares... Nobody takes notice...
... Noone is interested in it...
- Is it really your birthday?
- Of course it is. Can't you see?
Look at the birthday cake. Candles and pink sugar...
And the rest... Can't you see them?
- No.
- Neither can I.
That's a joke. Ha-ha!
But I am not complaining.
Don't pay attention to me, Pooh-the-Bear-Cub.
It's enough for me alone to be
so miserable on my own birthday.
And if everyone else is miserable...
- Stay here. Don't go anywhere.
I'll be back at once. At once!
The sign reads: "WINNIE-POOH"
- Hallo, Winnie!
- Hallo, Piglet!
- What are you trying to do?
- I was trying to ring the doorbell,
I just came round - ...
- Let me do it for you.
Step aside.
Bad news, Piglet.
Eeyore has lost his tail.
- Lost what?
- His Tail.
And it happens to be his Birthday.
Why they're not opening? (- Pooh!)
His birthday... Well, I never!
No tail, and no presents... (- Pooh!)
What a long time whoever lives here
is answering this door!
- But Pooh, it's your own house!
- Ah! So it is. Well, let's go in.
- Somewhere here, I think...
No, not that... Where did I...
No, no, not that... I have somewhere here...
Where did I... Ow-ow-ow...
Here!... I'm giving him a pot of honey.
This will cheer him up.
- Pooh, couldn't I give it too?
From both of us?
- No, that would not be a good plan.
- All right... Then, I'll give him a Balloon.
I've got the green one left from the party, remember?
- Balloon? That IS a very good idea.
Nobody can be uncheered with a baloon.
Hurry, bring it quickly.
- Aha.
Honeys a better, undoubtedly, gift
Even a donkey will 'get it', I think.
Even a little  
One teaspoon youve got -
Is already good,
But much better  '

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