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Oh, thank you, Arnold.
I can manage that.
But I still don't see why you couldn't
wait a couple of weeks.
Why go all the way up to Loki?
To hear Grace Makanga speak,
and she won't be coming to Nairobi.
I see.
Oh, sweetheart, don't bother
to see us off. It could be ages.
Okay, well
It's too hot to be standing around.
If you're sure.
Bye, Arnold.
Let me take your bag for you.
Thank you.
Bye, sweetheart.
See you in, uh in a couple of days.
Sandy, he's here.
Hi. Come in. Oh, hi, Sandy.
You caught me skiving, I'm afraid.
How's Gloria? Well?
Gloria's fine.
You haven't heard from Tessa,
I suppose?
No, she's, uh, up north
with, um, Arnold Bluhm.
Look, old chap, do you think you could
stop doing that a moment?
Something wrong?
She didn't say anything
about returning by road?
From Loki?
Well, that wouldn't surprise me,
knowing Tessa. I mean, I hope not.
Dangerous country.
What is it, Sandy?
We're getting reports
of a white woman, black driver,
Found early this morning,
southern end of Lake Turkana,
Deadkilled, it seems.
You think it might be Tessa?
Seems they hired a car and driver
in Loki and then headed east.
They spent the night at Lodwar.
They shared a room, Justin.
The dead black isn't Arnold Bluhm.
Most terribly sorry.
And how sure are you?
It's not looking good.
Good of you to tell me, Sandy.
Can't have been easy.
Diplomacy, therefore,
as we've demonstrated,
Is the very map and marker
of civilization,
Pointing nations the safest way
through country...
Fraught with peril.
And that's it.
Uh, Sir Bernard Pellegrin has asked me
to convey his, uh, regrets...
That he's been unable to deliver
his lecture in person.
And I thank you on my own behalf
for your very kind attention.
Thank you.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Yeah? Yeah, sorry.
Excu Excuse me.
Sir, I've just got one question.
I just wondered whose map,
um, is Britain using...
When it completely ignores the United Nations
and decides to invade Iraq?
Or do you do you think...
It's more diplomatic to bend
to the will of a superpower...
Andand politely take part
in Vietnam, the sequel?
Well, uh, l I can't speak
for Sir Bernard
Oh, I thought that's
why you were here.
I mean, diplomats have
to go where they're sent.
So do Labradors.
- Ouch.
Well, I think that, no, Sir Bernard
would no doubt argue...
That when, um, peaceful means
are exhausted, then
Mr. Quayle, they're not exactly
exhausted, are they?
I mean, they're just they're just
No, they are just lying
in the way of the tanks.
No, l-l-let's face it.
We've taken 60 years...
To build up this international organization
called the United Nations,
Which is meant to avoid wars,
- and now we just blow it up
because our car's running out of petrol.
- Sit down, Tessa, for Christ's sake.
- L I think
- Hold on a minute.
Let's see what he says.
I think the questioner
is making a valid point,
and that a nation's foreign policy...
- should not be determined
by narrow commercial interests.
- That's bullshit.
That's bullshit.
You have to take responsibility.
You are being paid to apologize
for this pathetic country of Britain,
And he can explain to us why we've burned
our diplomatic credentials...
And why we're killing, you know,
thousands of innocent people...
Just forjust for some barrels of oil...
And a photo opportunity
on the White House lawn.
Are you all right?
Yes, thanks.
You were courageous.
No. No, I was completely rude.
- It was just bad behavior, and l
- You were impassioned.
I'm so embarrassed. Sorry.
Please don't be embarrassed.
I'm really sorry.
And, uh, thanks very much.
You... tried to protect me.
Very feebly.
No, you wereyou were
You weren't feeble. I just
Anyway, it was a very dull lecture.
It was a dull lecture,
but even so I shouldn't have
Well, look, can l
can I buy you a coffee or
I owe you a drink. Come on.
All right.
You can

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