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In summer 1944 Red Army troops reached
western frontier of the Soviet Union.
Looks like they've gone through.
I am sure they have made it.
Marchenko never fails
Yes. Comrade lieutenant,
"first" will be talking to you.
Listening, comrade "first".
How is it, Travkin?
Has Marchenko gone through?
Not yet.
But is everything quiet?
Everything is quiet for now.
Are you ready to cover the group's retreat,
if you see red flare?
So, the Germans are quiet, aren't they?
What's your name?
Private signaller, Simakova.
How do your mom and dad call you?
Have you been long on the front line?
It's my first day.
You are so beautiful, Katia.
Your hand.
My name is Andrei.
Captain Barashkin.
From the headquarters.
See you later, Katia.
I am here.
I am here, mom.
Look, I found a doll.
Mommy, mommy.
Calm down; I am here with you.
Step aside.
There's no tourniquet.
Bring the belt.
I went out; and it just blasted.
You are lucky; you've survived.
Get the horses back, understand?
Inform the troops about the order
of the commander in chief
that the first unit to reach the frontier
will be awarded the
"Hero of the Soviet Union" order.
You understand; we are planning
a major military mission
that will be supervised
by the General headquarters.
Still, you have got no information
about intents of the enemy.
We have some.
We do all we can.
Two weeks have passed.
Two weeks,
and you still don't know much.
Head of corps staff demands
that we send scouts to the enemy rear.
We have already sent.
We have sent two groups.
Comrade colonel, let me report.
Go ahead.
They are still quiet, comrade colonel.
Maybe, they have made it through.
I got the assignment to help you organize
a new raid of scouts to the enemy rear.
I've got none to send.
I've got no more scouts.
Only two are left out of eighteen.
Perhaps, for you, 16 men are not much,
but for me every single counts.
I have some people in the reserve.
You will get some additional personnel.
Thank you for the assistance,
comrade captain.
Good day, girls.
Is there any news?
That is nothing. As long as Mamachkin
is alive, Hitler trembles, got it?
Is she new?
Have you come from another unit,
or right from above?
Let me introduce myself?
Sergeant Mamachkin.
Nice to meet you.
You know what, Katia?
You are incredibly lucky
to have met me
Do you know who you
should be friends with in the army?
With you?
With the scouts.
Because scouts are
the best men on the frontline.
And, guess who is the bravest
and the most reckless.
Again, scouts.
And is the guy, you rode with,
also a scout?
Lieutenant Travkin? Yes.
You won't find anyone like him
in the whole Red Army.
He always runs around near the front line,
studying the map, making sketches...
That is just the way he is.
Help yourself;
everything is fresh and tasty.
Good afternoon, comrade lieutenant.
We have a beautiful lady visiting us.
From the communication unit.
Where is the food from?
It is a gift from thankful civilians
to heroic Red Army
for freeing them
from the invaders ahead of schedule.
Please, join us. Take a sit.
One day at the observation point,
and let the thankful civilians
have some rest from you.
Why do you allow
strangers to the position?
You should not have said it.
She is a good girl.
What did they tell you
at the headquarters?
We have to move out to scout.
How is that?
What do you mean?
We've got no men for that.
You mean, just the two of us will go?
We will have people.
Thank you, brother.
Here they are.
How can they be scouts?
They are only good
to drive mares in supply transport.
The group of three men has arrived
to reinforce the scout platoon.
The head of the group
is sergeant Brazhnikov.
I am commander of the scout platoon,
lieutenant Travkin.
A scout?
Yes, from the first Ukranian.
Good afternoon. I am private Kentakov
from infantry.
And why to a


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