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The women in front,
the men behind. Quickly!
Find out where you must go.
Hey, you!
Where're you going that way?
You should use the other entrance.
There, in the back,
where's that entrance.
After the gate to the castle,
you'll be at the top of the stairs.
Come on! Hurry up!
I've got no time to lose!
one plus one - two, me included.
And you go the other side.
Come, follow me.
And now?
Good evening. Welcome.
Come on.
In our Lady's suite.
Please, get comfortable.
In the end... we were lucky.
Did you picture it like this?
Just a few words concerning one
and only one fundamental concept:
the well deserved dignity of your
The task you are on the point
of assuming,
is by no means understood as an
humiliating one,
not by those which, like you, we'll
be assuming this task,
and even less so by those benefitting
from your services.
But humiliating it'd be,
from your part,
as well as whoever else's,
to accept this work,
like a task fit only for an
inferior class.
The classics...
lets not forget the classics...
La mise en place.
Come on!
Big knife on the right side.
Big fork on the left side.
Fish fork on the left side.
Fish knife on the right side.
Big glass for water.
One centimeter from the tip
of the big knife.
Wine glass.
One centimeter from the tip
of the fish knife.
Here it is.
Down... easy...
Two, three, four.
One, two, three, four...
- Miss is coming!
- Miss!
Not even a flower?
Professor Sietz.
His Excellency.
If I may...
at the tip of the spoon.
And the wife.
Oh, pardon!
- Excuse me... what wines?
- Her Ladyship's usuals.
There are no other instructions
than those already given.
If we take into account the
kind of wine...
I'm not interested by considerations
other than
those of Her Ladyship,.
Count Cosi.
The Young Countess.
- Come with me.
- Yessir.
If that double-face
goes on like this,
I'll show her...
We must raise to the occasion!
Everything in the pantry. Do it.
You and you.
Those empty bottles must be
taken downstairs.
Be careful, will you?
Oh, let's go!
Put them on the ground,
in that corner.
The list.
This one here.
You, go take some empty hampers
from the corridor. You come with me.
What are you doing?
That long for two hampers?
Take some more, hurry up!
12 of those.
What manners, my God...
- And they're all young, aren't they?
- Very young.
The last vintage, don't forget.
- No, no... that way.
- That way.
- Ah, that way?
- Yes, that way.
Rules for a proper behaviour.
During waiting, you'll not get
together with your fellow waiters,
in a group or a cluster,
but will always remain attentive and
alert at the station designated to you.
You'll only speak for work related
and always in a muttered voice.
You will use under no circumstances,
neither hands, nor sleeves,
to wipe of your sweat.
And, above all, you will not touch the
bread with these.
Don't run, don't faint,
but always be prompt and natural.
If you'll feel tired,
you will not lean with hands or body,
on the walls and tables.
You'll use double-sole shoes,
if rugs are predominant,
and rubber heels
on polished floors.
Don't ever make sudden turns,
nor blow your nose in the hall,
nor show yourself absent minded or
Don't do impure acts.
Six: Don't do impure acts.
Place the objects on the trays with
care and in a safeway.
Avoid the clattering of the dishes.
If your hands are busy,
don't close doors with your feet.
And if I catch you polishing your shoes
with the napkins,
I'll wring your ears to all of you!
I have no time to lose!
Gentlemen, the guests to this
important soiree,
are illustrious names form the
political, scientific
and cultural world.
Their presence honors and bestows
an enourmous prestige on our house.
So that, I'm convinced,
each and

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