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Чёрная роза - эмблема печали, красная роза - эмблема любви

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Hey, teapot! Move out of the way!
Medical conclusion in illness and death of Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin.
On night to march 2 Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin
had hemorrage in left hemisphere of brain
because of hypertension and arteriosclerosis.
As a result paralysis of right-side of the body and
loss of reason occured.
During first day of illness respiratory disturbances as a result
of breakdown of nervous' centres were discovered.
These disturbances grew graver from day to day.
They had character of so-called periodic breathing with long gaps,
[Chain-Stox breathing].
In night to march 3 respiratory disturbances
began to have threatening character.
From the very beginning of illness disturbances of
circulatory system were discovered,
high blood preasure and pulse rate disorder, arrhythmia
and heart dilatation, to be exact.
In relation to progressing repiratory and circulatory system disorder
signs of oxygen insufficiency occured.
From first day of illness [his body] temperature rose
and high leucocytosis set in
what could indicate a lung infection.
Last day of illness. Together with sharp aggravation
of general condition
signs of heart insufficiency occured.
On afternoon of march 5, patient's condition rapidly worsened.
Breathing became sublimis and rapid,
heart rate reached 140-150 beats per minute, and it became sublimis.
21:50. As circulatory system and respiratory system insufficiency grew
Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin died.
Black rose is the emblem of sorrow
Red rose is the emblem of love
...no, you won't do it, no...
I want to become completely blind
so that i could sell dust at night.
Although i'm not subdued to violence
and gunpowder smoke is not unknown to me.
You will be living here until grandmother is discharged.
What if she is not discharged for another year?
You will be living [here] a year!
She doesn't feel sorry for anybody but her idiot!
If only you felt sorry for your mother!
She's suffering. She takes dimedrol as soon as she sees you.
Not only me. She takes dimedrol every time she sees someone alive.
I even think that's her secret way of getting high.
Perhaps, she takes dimedrol with beer...
Maybe she sniffs glue in lavatory secretly at night?
I will duck-tape your mouth!
Then do it!
I conquer cities
using idiot's desperate cry
I love my work,
burn, burn, my star!
I will bring you food.
Don't even try to get out!
First exam is on 28th.
General anathomy.
Look here!
When i'm gone you can untie yourself.
Vova? Vovochka, Volodyecka, Volodya...
I'm alive, Vovochka, can you hear?
Arbitrariness, terror, dictature.
I sing them songs but they cut my fingers off.
Ilyusha arrested me and forces me to study.
I don't know...to the aunt.
He called you, Vovochka, "idiot" again.
Don't resent him, he's unnomenclative.
Land is trembling under his feet.
You know he's not evil by nature, he's kindhearted.
I will show them Saigon. I will show them student riot under dictatorship.
How are you, my dearest?
I don't know where i'm calling from. I crawled here through the window.
Maybe i will be found and sentenced to five years.
Will you visit me in jail, Vovochka? Will you visit me?
All the absurdest, unpleasantest, repulsivest years of your life
i wrote to you and mother truth
of my worst thoughts, not because of fear,
not because of pity, without hiding....
Tolik! I brought you bread.
What's with you, Tolik?
Well, did you put in your pants? How couldn't you put in your pants!
Police! Protocols! Funeral expenses!
And so Tolik will put on all of you after all! With a tool!
In Brezhnev's time you were already big, remember?
There was much lie, but now, i think, there's even more lie.
And your current lie is more terrible because it's smarter.
It is disguised, but there is nothing disguised that can stay this way.
I ask you once more to think about coming to live with me. Your liberal
Чёрная роза - эмблема печали, красная роза - эмблема любви

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