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Woman of Tokyo
Translation of "Sixteen Hours"
by Ernst Schwarz
(Austria 1882-1928)
Script: Noda Kogo
Ikeda Tadao
Director: Ozu Yasujiro
Photography: Mohara Hideo
Sister, after university
I'm going to see Harue.
Don't I have
any other socks?
You must pay the university tax.
Nothing will happen if
I pay them late.
I have the money,
it's better to pay them.
Keep your allowance too.
Say hello to Harue for me.
Will you also get back
late this evening?
It depends on the professor.
Make yourself comfortable and amuse yourself.
The Director of Staff
will be here immediately.
You're certain Shimamura works here?
She is there.
Has anything happened to Shimamura?
I don't know anything, but
I have an order from Central.
How is she at work?
She's worked here for
four years.
She's very diligent.
She's a good woman,
she takes care of her brother.
It seems that every day after
work she goes to Sendagaya...
...to help a professor
with some translations.
Do you know the name
of the professor?
You're good, eh!
I have lost the program.
Can I keep it?
When I return home I want
to tell the plot to my brother.
I have been to see a
film with Ryo.
Will Chikako already be home?
You're going out?
I want to speak
with Chikako in private.
If you want,
I can speak to her.
I don't think
it's blind chance.
I have learnt something embarrassing.
She seems to have
some foul bahaviours.
It seems after she finishes
at the office she goes to work at a nightclub.
Then it isn't true she goes
to help a professor!
I too, would like to believe her.
But it is not only this...
It is only gossip, but
I give you this advice, as your brother.
Please let me talk to her.
I'm afraid Chikako will get
angry if you say it to her.
Chikako, it's you?
You're sister hasn't returned yet?
Must you speak with her?
The professors work takes up
a lot of her time.
You can tell me if you want.
You can't say it to me?
If thats what you want.
If your sister was not what you believe,
what would you do?
What are you saying?
What nonsense!
That's not all.
Your sister seems to work
in a nightclub.
Why do you slander my sister?!
Because she has been signalled
to the police as a dangerous person.
Have you come to find her
for this reason?
If it's like that, get lost!
I believe in my sister.
She wouldn't do such a thing.
I would like to believe her too...
You go away!
I don't want to talk with
someone who thinks such things about my sister!
Anyone who wants to interfere
in our life if my enemy.
You are cruel to tell
me such things.
Beat it!
Your sister is on the telephone.
I'll be late again, I'm sorry.
I wonder who you have phoned.
Why aren't you in bed?
I must ask you something.
Why do you work at
a nightclub?
Don't you care at all if this
destroys our life?
You mustn't worry about me,
you must only think about studying.
I would never have imagined
you would do such a thing.
You are stupid to work in
a place like that!
Don't you trust me?
Certainly I trust you,
but by this I feel betrayed.
Why have you chosen this path?
You are stupid!
You are really stupid!
If you strike me
do you feel better?
All my effort is rewarded
with a slap!
You don't know how happy
I feel when I think of your degree!
I pray you don't be worried about what I do,
and continue to study

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