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Великая война демонов

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Several thousand years in the past...
in the ruin's  of Ur, the capital
of Babylonia,
which once boasted an
eminent civilization,
a violent monster began
hibernating in the ruins,
and someone had prophesied it would
awaken in four thousand years.
The people, w ho feared disaster,
did nothing to disturb the ruins.
But as the years went by,
the prophecy was forgotten,
and those who quietly targeted buried
treasure started to appear.
Oh, I found it!
Caught another one!
Hey, hey!
Look, Father!
Well, let's say that's the last one
and go back.
My, going back al ready? It w as
beginning to get interesting.
Look at that.
A storm's headed this w ay.
You two go on ahead home.
I 'll make a quick patrol of the area
before I come my self.
Yes, Sir.
Damn you, monster!
Damn you, monster!
Izu Magisterial Palace
Saheiji, I wonder what
happened to Father?
The storm d issi pated after al I.
H he's probably patrolling through
the depths of the territory.
After all, he's a benevolent lord
thinking of the people.
I hope that's the case.
When did he...
Come now! Stop it. It's Father.
My Lord!
What the...
My Lord, why are you doing this?
Tainted things ought to be removed!
Are you saying God is tainted?
Shut up!
My Lord!
My Lord...
Wait, Father!
Out of my way!
No, Father. Why are you saying
God and Buddha are tainted?
You respected and revered them
just this morning!
What is this all of a sudden? Father!
Not a word concerning what I do!
Hurry up and clean this out!
Burn the household altar and
everything else! Got it?
My Lord! My Lord!
I really wonder what happened?
It's as though he's a changed man.
There must be a very good reason
such a peaceful lord
w would behave in this manner
all of a sudden.
I know.
Shinpachiro, look after Lady Ohie.
My Lord...
What exactly happened?
What happened in the storm?
You're being a pest, Saheiji
But, My Lord!
Who the hell? Some goon
disguised as someone?
But, My Lord!
It can't be said your peculiar behaviour
isn't out of the ordinary.
It can't be...
I don't think it can be the case,
but have you gone mad?
Shut up! Continue your insolence
and you'll be punished!
I wonder what happened
to that servant?
Steward, how is our lord?
What are all of you doing?! Why have
you not burned everything?!
It is a grave crime to disobey
the lord's orders!
Lady Ohie, the same goes for you.
If you say one thing too many,
even you will be shown no mercy.
What happened? Now, e ven you
are saying things like that!
S hut up!
Get to it! They are to be
burned immediately!
Damn it.
What nerve using that kind of magic.
What is it, you filthy bastard?
As you can see, I 'm Kappa
the water imp!
Water imp?
I'm not just an ordinary water imp!
I'm the master of this house!
I don't know what kind
of apparition you are,
but it's an embarrassment to me
to let you do whatever you want
in my territory!
Now, hurry up and get lost!
Wait, damn you!
If that's how you want it,
I'm prepared for the worst!
Don't cry if you get hurt!
Ow! Ow!
Ouch! Hot!
Ow... damn it...
Damn you! I'll remember this!
Ow... That hurt.
Hey! It's  anyone here?
Why? That's weird.
O h, it's  you.
You surprised me.
Where's everyone else?
Over here...
I'm over here...
What's with the ghastly look? Eh?
I need a big favor. I need
every one's help.
To do what?
I got kicked out of the place I live.
Kicked out? By who?
Some awesome monster.
What kind?
he's got a face like an ogre
and the body of a beast.
If he bites a human, the human's
personality changes completely.
Changes personality?
At any rate, it's  a monster I've never
seen nor heard until today.
You'll all help me, right?
No way.
Why not?
If it was something else,
it's  about you so...
If you really got kicked out, we'd
help you no matter what, but...
Великая война демонов

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