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Похищение "Савои"

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StudioCentral Studio of Children and Youth
Films named after M. GORKY
Third Creative Union, USSR
ln Association with Zespoly Filmowe,
and Silesia Creative Union, POLAND
Based on the novel by A. Shchipersky
"Flight #627"
Written by lsai Kuznetsov,
Andrzei Gozewski
Directed by
Veniamin Dorman
Directors of Photography-
Vadim KORNlLYEV, Andrei KlRlLLOV
Art Director
Production Designers
Milko MARlNOV, Boleslaw KAMYKOWSKl
Music by Andrzey KOSZlNSKl
Sound - Boris KORESHKOV
- Everything's OK, Jose?
- Yeah. Hi, Henry.
Give me a fag.
- So?
- The van is waiting.
How much?
A half-ton load.
- l'll pull up the van here.
- Okay. Just move your ass.
Cops! Get into the plane! Quick!
The weed.
How many were they?
Just two.
Wlodzimiers GOLAClNSKl
as Janek Borowski
Darya MlKHAlLOVA as Tanya Sokolova
as Jean Challot
as Stanislaw Wezanski
Aleksandr MlKHAlLOV
as Gido Torstensen
as Valentina Sokolova
Mikhail Gluzsky
as Henrich Scharff
Algimantas MASlULlS
as Max Abendrot
as Borde
as Lancier
Aleksandr VOKACH as Welt
Olev ESKOLA as Roggers
Leonid Markov as Lafonte
G. LYAMPE as Robert
M. ZHlGALOV as Magnus
Sh. GAZlYEV as Ramiro
Yu. PERATSKY as Teacher
L. NEMCHlK as Berje
N. BEGALlN as Joker
as "Savoya" pilots
State Cinematography Symphony
Conducted by
Andrzey KOSZlNSKl
WARSAW, 1978
You got lucky, Janek.
You're going to the country
full of mysteries. Good afternoon.
l'm jealous of you.
l've been dreaming of becoming
a traveler since l was a kid,
to explore the jungles of the River
Amazon, but life had it its own way.
Once, on a day like this
l left home,
and got back only 6 years later.
Are you talking about the war?
Right. l got back here,
to the totally destroyed Warsaw.
Here's a taxi.
Central Market, please.
ln Paris you'll be met by Monsieur
How will l recognize him?
Don't worry, you will recognize him.
According to your dad's description,
he looks very much like
the famous Tartarin.
l gave him your train and car
numbers. So relax.
- And what does he do?
- He's a businessman.
Publishes dictionaries. Does business
with various firms in Latin America.
Your dad met Challot when
they were working together in Rio.
By the way, you're doing French,
So your interacting with Challot is
a perfect chance for you to practice it.
The boy goes to Paris alone.
Could you look after him, please?
And in Paris he'll be met.
Don't worry, l'll take care of him.
Bon voyage!
- Goodbye, Teacher.
- Okay, get on the train.
- Janek Borowski?
- Right, it's me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
l recognized you. Your dad is one
of the nicest people l've ever met,
and you're his copy.
- Jan Challot.
- Janek.
We got the same names. l'm really
happy about this. Can l help you?
- No, thanks.
- You don't trust me with your bag?
You're tired after this trip. A bathtub
and a delicious lunch await you.
Janek, get out of the car.
You go to the hotel, and we'll take
a little walk.
Every time l come to Paris,
l walk these streets
and think back to my youth.
ln this bistro l learned that the
Germans had crossed the Magineaux Line.
And in this house, up there,
there was a secret rendezvous flat
of our underground resistance group.
- You were in the resistance?
- That's right. What? l don't look it?
l wasn't always as fat as l am now.
Was even decorated with a cross. You
will see it. lt's in my house in Rouen.
Come here.
l was standing right here,
and he came out of the movie theatre.
Evan Hastke, SS Sturmbanfuhrer,
a most disgusting man.
l fired at him.
Killed him?
No, my Walter misfired.
And later this cost many good people
their lives.
Go to the hotel.
And when in '44 Paris
welcomed General LeClerc's tanks...
l could not eyewitness that.
Why not?
Was in the
Похищение "Савои"

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