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2002Anni-Kristiina Juuso
Ville Haapasalo
Viktor Bychkov
In a film by
Alexander Rogozhkin
make-up artist
Olga Shamkovich
costume designer
Marina Nikolayeva
sound Anatoly Gudkovsky
Sergei Sokolov
Dmitri Pavlov
Yulia Rumyantseva
production designer
Vladimir Svetozarov
director of photography
Andrei Zhegalov
production manager
Olga Naidyonova
Sergei Selyanov
written and directed by
Alexander Rogozhkin
Get changed.
It's ready.
Come on, Private.
Hold it.
- Who chose this place?
- Me. Don't you like it?
It's lovely. Thanks.
- What's he saying?
- It's a good spot for a sniper.
- Leave him his glasses?
- Yes.
Sit here until we've gone.
- Take the gun, and he'll shoot.
- I don't shoot in the back.
They all say that, but last week
Big Yussi got a bullet here.
Good luck, Private. Goodbye.
Down by the hill, you see?
I see. Then where?
Past the burned bridge,
there's a ford...
You're an honest officer.
I believe you're innocent.
Stop babbling!
Comrade Lieutenant,
for your journey!
Let's go!
Good luck, Comrade Lieutenant!
Comrade Lieutenant, you can see
the state of the road!
Comrades, give us a push!
I recognize you! You
worked at the shooting range.
By the market.
What market?
In Bezhetsk.
Like him, but you used
to have a moustache.
- Stop talking to the prisoner!
- Get lost!
Thanks, lads.
Much further?
Much further, Captain?
I never used this road.
Comrade Junior Lieutenant,
may I...
Comrade Junior Lieutenant,
they're our fighter planes.
I can see that!
Comrade Junior Lieutenant,
can I go to the toilet?
Don't run off though -
be a shame to shoot you.
Comrade Junior Lieutenant,
have you got some paper?
Only your diary.
But that s evidence...
It's all about you
and your friend...
...and your anti-Soviet
If I had my way, you'd be shot
without a trial...
I won't harm you. I'll just take
a little of your strength.
The sick one needs it.
Don't worry.
Where am I?
This amulet will help you fight
the weakness in your body.
I have to...
Don't be shy.
Go on!
You'll get better. Sleep.
So, Lieutenant? Didn't work out?
I'll piss on your grave yet!
Good morning.
I have to get the chain off.
I need a smith.
Do you speak Finnish?
I want to get this off!
Do you understand?
You want the iron off?
You were a prisoner?
I don't understand you. Do you
speak Finnish? You're a Lapp?
I need a smith. Is there a man?
I need to get the chain off!
I can't walk like this!
You shout a lot.
Shouting never broke an iron.
I'll have a look,
my husband had some tools.
Anything you say, Madam.
Your husband?
Fritz. SS...
I'm not German. You think
I'm from the North division?
They make us wear a uniform,
so we won't surrender.
Because you don't like Germans,
especially in uniform.
Haende hoch! Hitler kaputt!
It'll be hard if that's all
the German you know.
Don't worry,
the war's over for me.
I'll get the chain off
and go home.
Do you understand?
A cuckoo - a condemned sniper,
for crying out loud...
You were probably in that car.
I couldn't understand why
the Russian planes fired at you?
Shoot, you scum. My lot'll put
me up against a wall anyway...
I'm Veiko. And you? Ivan?
- Get lost!
- Gerlost!
Veiko, Gerlost... And you?
Anni. I just told you
my real name!
You can put the eye on me now.
Anni, Gerlost, Veiko...
A pleasure to meet you.
It's a shame we haven't got
anything to celebrate with.
Don't worry about me
chatting on - it's the nerves.
A condemned man that
survived - that means a lot.
I see...
I don't think they're
pleased to see me.
I'm sorry I've disturbed
your peace.
I'll take the chain off and go.
Come on.
I'll give you the tools.
These are my husband's tools.
Your husband makes
Lapland knives?
You're a sharp lad.
Probably had to fight
the girls off.
Or did you have a few?
I'll take the chain off

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