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Основной инстинкт 2

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Guess what.
I can't move.
Yeah, well, you don't have to.
You're in a car.
Am I driving?
Like a pro.
Come on, wake up, you fuck.
Come on.
Did you try to help him get free?
When it came down to it, my life
was more important to me than his.
Selfish, huh?
We found these...
...in your Spider.
Actually, I don't drive a Spider
Now I have a C8 Laviolette.
It's lighter, faster...
...swims better.
These three contain traces
of ketamine...
...the same as we found in your blood
and his.
This one had pure D-Tubocurarine,
...which we only found in him.
Must've been something
he took at the party.
No. DTC is not a party drug.
Along with the other stuff in his blood,
it paralyzed his lungs.
Kevin Franks did not drown.
He had already stopped breathing
by the time you drove off the road.
He was breathing
when we went off the road.
How do you know?
He was making me come.
What? You were having sex
at 100 miles an hour?
Hundred and ten.
I must've hit a pothole.
Your friend, Dickie Pep...
...says he sold you 15 milliliters
of DTC last Thursday.
I don't know any Dickie Pep,
but he's lying.
Or you are.
Why would he lie?
You got him on some other charge
and he's trying to deal his way out.
If he even exists.
You don't seem too upset by what's
Of course I am, I'm traumatized.
Who knows if I'll ever come again?
I want that cunt in jail.
We haven't got a case, Roy.
Well, just fucking make one. Please.
They'll order a psychiatric for bail.
I'll make sure we get somebody
good and tough.
Dr. Glass. I'm Henry Rose,
Miss Tramell's solicitor.
This is Catherine Tramell.
I shall be present during
the evaluation.
Well, that's fine by me.
I'll be asking fairly personal questions.
If she doesn't mind your presence...
My client understands and agrees
I should be present for...
Maybe Dr. Glass is right
and we should be alone for this.
I strongly advise you
not to contemplate having...
So is this where
we're going to do it?
Mr. Rose told you the purpose
of this evaluation.
I'm applying for bail in a murder case.
The Crown wants to know
if I'm a danger to myself or others.
You're the Crown's shrink,
so you'll say I'm dangerous.
My shrink will say I'm not,
and the judge will flip a coin.
Anything you tell me can be quoted
verbatim in testimony...
...and can affect your case.
You can quote me all you want.
Thank you.
Well, I see that you're a writer.
What do you write about?
Murder, sex, violence.
Do you ever write about yourself?
Not into autobiography.
Really? Why not?
Maybe I like to just sit back and get
other people to reveal themselves.
For instance,
you look a little divorced.
What makes you think I'm divorced?
The ring line hasn't faded.
You're very observant.
Yeah, but am I wrong?
Would it bother you
if you were wrong?
Would it bother you if I was right?
Tell me something you're afraid of.
Is that why you like to take risks?
I do like to take risks.
Like taking drugs and having sex
in a speeding car?
Like talking to me
without having your lawyer present?
Actually, that was your idea.
Like being on trial for murder? That's
risky. You could end up in prison.
Not if I'm innocent.
Innocent people end up in prison
all the time.
Not rich, innocent people who are
represented by Henry Rose.
In that case, it isn't really exciting
unless you're guilty.
Oh, I bet you like to take risks,
don't you, Dr. Glass?
But I'm not the one who's on trial
for murder.
Not yet.
Sorry, you're not allowed
to smoke in here.
You know what I like about you?
You enjoy being in control.
Like me.
Sorry, sir. Can't let you through here.
Well, I would say extremely intelligent.
Gifted, accomplished.
Yet inside, I believe...
...she vacillates between
a feeling of godlike omnipotence...
...and a sense
that she simply doesn't exist...
...which, of course, is intolerable.
Do you consider
Основной инстинкт 2

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