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Вся королевская рать

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Hey, Jack Burden!
The boss wants to see you.
Jack, ever hear of a fellow
called Willie Stark?
No, who'd he shoot?
Lt'll be the other way around
if he keeps it up.
He's got the boys in the
KanoMa County courthouse worried.
What's he running for?
County treasurer
or soMething like that.
What's so special about hiM?
They say he's an honest Man.
- I want you to hop into your car.
- You proMised Me a vacation.
That can wait.
But there's a girl I know.
She can wait too.
The question is, can I?
And the answer is, get up there.
What did you say his naMe was?
The fellow's naMe.
Stark. Willie Stark.
I found him in Kanoma City.
A typical, hot, dusty,
backwoods county seat.
- Lie in order to line their own
dirty pockets with taxpayers' Money.
When have KanoMa citizens ever
witnessed a caMpaign like this?
Why is the opposition
so anxious to defeat Me?
Why have they used every dirty Method
to Make sure I'M not elected treasurer?
I'll tell you why.
They're afraid of the truth.
And the truth is this:
They're trying to steal your Money.
Yeah, I said "steal."
The coMMissioners rejected
the low bid on the schoolhouse.
They'll say that
the job will be done better.
They would have you believe
they're interested in public welfare.
They're interested in welfare, sure.
But it's their own.
Let's look at their reason
in the light of the facts.
That factory's owned by
a brother-in-law of a coMMissioner.
That saMe brick factory
uses convict labor.
Sorry, Willie,
you'll have to Move on.
City Ordinance NuMber 105.
More than five people congregating
is disturbing the peace.
If you folks will read
these handbills...
...My boy will pass theM out aMong you.
There's an ordinance
against that too.
Pass theM out, ToM.
- Let hiM alone.
- Get that caMera!
Willie, you're under arrest.
Where can I find Tiny Duffy?
Right over there, Mister.
They told Me I could get
My caMera back here.
Who told you that?
People. Can I?
You the reporter that's been
snooping around town?
Are you Tiny Duffy?
What paper?
You coMe a long way to stick your nose
into other people's business.
True, only My boss
on the paper can't see that.
It ain't any of his business either.
- Whose business is it?
- TheM as that's tending to it.
County coMMissioners
the voters of KanoMa elected...
...to tend their business
and not take no butting in.
You a coMMissioner?
NaMe's Pillsbury.
Dolph Pillsbury.
Me too.
I'M a coMMissioner too.
Who isn't a coMMissioner?
He's the head Man.
You're in a position to know...
In a position to know nothing
and to say nothing.
I thought you said he was head Man?
He uses My head.
Tiny, you're a card!
Ain't he a card?
He's a card.
Who thought up ordinances about
arresting soMeone for Making a speech?
Who's arrested?
Ain't nobody arrested.
Hi, Willie.
Did you apologize to Willie?
I apologized to Willie.
- Did you give hiM his handbills?
- I gave theM back.
And give hiM back
his flag and his bag.
And give this Man his caMera.
I'll be on that street
toMorrow, Mr. Duffy.
You go right ahead.
We all believe in free speech.
We got to.
It's in the Constitution.
My boy is distributing
those handbills now.
It's a free country, Willie.
If you can convince people
to vote for you...
...you go right ahead.
What did you want to see Me about?
I wanted you to Meet a fella...
...that caMe all the way up
froM the state capital to Meet you.
A reporter.
Wants to write you up.
Maybe put your picture in the paper.
I'M happy to know you.
Burden's My naMe. Jack Burden.
Can we go soMewhere and talk?
That ain't polite.
Don't you want to hear
both sides of the story?
I know your side.
Where's the slate
your Men took froM My caMera?
Must have dropped out.
CoMe on, fellas, let's relax.
It's a hot day.
Hey, Sugar Boy!
Bring soMe cold beer for the boys.
None for Me.
Thank you kindly.
You know Willie don't
Вся королевская рать

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