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What's up?
Scared of snakes?
Let's go.
Nice handbag.
Say hello, Mr. Blake.
That's a friend of mine.
Go on.
Can't we leave the stuff here?
No, let's get across.
It's unhealthy to worry.
Captain, I'd feel healthier on this side.
Just think about the gold.
Captain Hayes, you have guns?
I got guns. You got gold?
I see guns, you see gold.
- Guns first, huh?
- Yeah.
All right, boys, open them up!
The Spanish have?
US Army, madam.
The Spaniards do not have.
How about that?
Hey, watch out! Duck, lads.
- Good.
- No, it's not good, it's bad.
- Show me more guns.
- You show me gold, I'll show you guns.
- No gold.
- No gold.
No gold.
I don't think this woman's honest, Blake.
Yeah, the heathens have been exposed
to Western business practices.
- They used to be honest.
- Yeah, times are changing, sir.
- Show me more guns, now!
- Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am.
See what happens
with women and business.
- Future looks dark, Blake.
- I couldn't agree more, sir.
There are your guns!
Here are your bullets.
Let's go!
Ladies, what a lovely surprise.
Excuse me.
Alone at last.
Goodbye, darling.
Goodbye, ladies!
No hard feelings, I hope.
By order of His Majesty,
the King of Spain,
I hereby charge you with supplying arms
to the enemies of the Crown.
So tell me, Bully, how have you been?
Not bad, Ben.
How long you been working
for the Spaniards?
Ever since they could meet my price.
How long have you been selling guns
to the natives?
Just started, Ben.
- What a pity it's gotta end so soon.
- Shame.
I been waiting a long time
to see you fall, Bully.
It's gonna be a grand sight,
watching your neck stretched all to hell
at the end of a Spanish rope.
You sound like a very sad
and bitter old lady, Ben.
And so the so-called "Pirate Era"
is coming to an end,
with the arrival of the new
steam-powered naval vessel.
Very good. Very, very good.
Their arrival, your departure.
The end of an age.
Are you writing down in that book
that I'm a pirate?
in a manner of speaking,
I suppose one could say that I am, yes.
Good, 'cause I am,
and a damn good one, too.
No, I never flew the skull
and crossed bones.
That's for your fictioneers.
But I have sought pleasure and profit
all of my life at sea,
with no regard for any man's law.
That's not to say
without morals and standards.
I got morals and standards.
I never killed anybody
that didn't have it coming.
I never cheated an honest man.
I never pillaged, and I never raped.
I applaud you.
Were you ever married?
Well, I suppose a man's ship
becomes his wife and mistress.
Or so I've been told.
It's hard to love a ship.
They rot.
Oh, yes, of course they do.
But memories,
Lord God, I've got memories!
I can't regret dying today.
Hell, I lived more
than any man deserves.
Yes, yes, indeed.
Mr. Hayes...
- Bully.
- Sorry?
Call me, Bully.
Thank you, Bully.
Mr... Bully,
well, one question
I was meaning to ask you is
how you ended up here?
The Rona, I suppose,
is what put my neck in the noose today.
- The Rona?
- Yes.
She was a damn good ship.
Nothing to be proud of, you understand,
just an old bucket,
but she did her job without complaint.
We'd been two months
hauling this young couple
across the Pacific Ocean in time for
their wedding on some mission island.
He planned to live there
and convert the heathens,
which to me seemed
a hell of a waste of her.
She was the finest thing I ever saw.
Another one of Fong's fine meals
gone to the fish, Mr. Williamson.
Captain, won't you tell him
to try Ratbag's cure?
There is no cure.
You don't have much misery left.
We'll sight land tomorrow morning.
Then you must try it now, Nathaniel!
At least enjoy the last few hours at sea.
I regret that this is something
I can never enjoy.
Oh, but you could!
It's wonderful, isn't it, Captain?
You just don't realize

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