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JayaWu ji - The Promise
Sub By: Anthony Jaya
Give me back my food!
Little thief, stealing from the dead?
I have been watching you for some time.
Give it back to me!
Alive they were my father's soldiers.
Dead, my father's ghosts.
Steal from them and you steal from me!
Give it back to me!
I will give you the bread,
if you promise to be my slave.
Let me down and I will be your slave.
I don't believe you.
Let me down and you'll see.
Fine, if you promise.
Kneel and it's yours. You are now my slave!
What a beautiful helmet you have!
May I touch it?
Really? You think it's beautiful?
Alright then. You can touch it
Go ahead.
I trusted you!
I shall never forget this!
Don't cry, Qing Cheng.
Do you know who I am?
I am the Goddess Man Shen
Stretch out your hand.
Your food is still there, isn't it?
Eat up.
I am saving this for my mother.
Your mother has passed away.
She will not need this anymore.
But Qing Cheng must not die,
she must go on living.
Do you always want to
have to steal food from the dead?
And you don't want to be a slave to others
My child, the Eye of Infinity
contains each individual's destiny,
every contour of their fate,
their every smile, every tear
Yours... is also included.
You can have the most delicious food,
the prettiest clothes,
and everyone will adore you.
All the riches of the
world will be yours,
in return for a small sacrifice.
Every man you love, you will lose.
Any happiness they
bring will be fleeing.
Are you willing to accept this?
Yes, I am.
Once you have agreed this will
become your destiny for life.
It can never be changed.
Unless time flows backwards,
winter falls in the spring|,
and the dead comes back to life.
Remember, all the riches of the world will
be yours in return for this promise...
Commander Ye Li, what was that noise?
Barbarians? Where?
They are hiding from us.
How many are they?
Twenty thousand.
Twenty thousand?
Twenty thousand against three thousand?
You should say
three thousand against twenty thousand
Be proud to be one
of the three thousand.
Our enemies are the
ones to quake in terror,
as they are about to face our Great General.
How many slaves have you brought?
132, Great General
I'll take them all.
For this price you can't
even buy dead bodies!
I am buying dead bodies.
None of them will survive the battle
But Commander you said...
Here are 1330 pieces of silver.
Count it!
Thank you for the extra 10.
There is no extra, 132 slaves
plus you is 133.
Tell them to stand up.
Sir, slaves do not know how to stand.
They only know how to kneel or crawl.
I shouldn't really give
you this piece of meat
I earned it, not you.
The Alarm!
Where are we going?
Into the valley, to lure
the enemy towards us.
When they think they
have destroyed our army,
we shall ride down and attack.
What is it?
They have bought our lives.
They'll kill us if we turn back!
Remember, Kun Lun,
I am still your master and
you have to protect me with your life.
Yes, Master.
Kun Lun, up the hill!
These slaves have been
ordered to deflect the first attack,
Don't let them escape!
Great General.
Those stupid barbarians don't know
this valley is shaped like a horseshoe!
That slave is overtaking them and
guiding them straight back!
To the death!
Do not look back! Keep going!
Look, one of them is still alive!
It's our bull!! Run!
Long live the General!
Long live the General!
He is long dead,
Why did you bother to carry him all this way?
He was my master.
What is your name?
The Slave Kun Lun.
Where are you from?
I don't know.
No family.
How long have you been a slave?
For as long as I can remember.
I want you to be my slave?
I want that too.
If I serve you, I get to eat every day
From now on I am your master.
Yes, Master.
From today,
I don't want you to kneel.
I want you to run for me.
The Duke of the North, Wu


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