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I'm Phoenix. I love the moon
Especially when it's full
and most beautiful
I don't know why
but my parents are never home...
Daddy, Mommy...
I just saw two people fly past the moon
You must have been dreaming
People can't fly
Too much TV for you!
What an overactive imagination!
No. I really saw it
Tomorrow's a school day
How about a story to put you to sleep?
Do you want Mommy to tell you a story
about the Emei Sect of Kung Fu
or Daddy to tell about the 18 Coppermen?
Mommy and Daddy are great storytellers
Every story is about
a kung fu master with mystical powers
Daddy's 18 Coppermen are especially cute
Their stories are fun
but I never believed them...
until one day when I was 14 years old...
Relax, don't be scared
I've got to call the police
Where's your parents?
Don't be scared, sweetie!
We've been searching for
you two for sometime...
It's my turn!
Attack me?
Get down! Come down I dare you!
Go to hell!
Awesome Dad! Pretty clever, Phoenix
Mom, why do you suddenly know kung fu?
Do you remember that you
once saw people fly past the moon?
That was your Dad and me
That's right. Our family has
a natural talent for kung fu
We belong to the
Secret Society of Kung Fu Masters
The Secret Society of Kung Fu Masters?
The ancient and mysterious
world of kung fu
still lives on today
But we don't want to disturb society
In secret, we help
the weak and eliminate evildoers
We've been chasing
these two for a long time
We never thought they'd pay us visit
Can I learn martial arts too?
Of course you can
Once they turn 14 years old, every child
can go to Mount Hua to study
martial arts every summer vacation!
Then I'll be as good as you
You've got the talent
One day you'll be better than us
So when can we go?
Why not right now?
Mom, people are flying across the moon!
You brats! A liar just like your father!
I'm not lying
This is Mount Hua
That's right!
I've never flown so high!
She's really cool!
She called Rouge
She's the best kung fu student here
Time to land
Phoenix, this is where
we studied our martial arts
Principal of the Academy?
Master, you brought
your daughter this time
This is Principal of the Academy
the headmaster of the school
Why's he walking backwards?
Kids say the darnedest things
Don't worry about it
Long ago, I made a very big mistake
I let an evil disciple escape
I promised I would bring him to justice
Until then I swore to walk backwards
Who's this disciple?
He's No. 1 on our Most Wanted List:
White Eyebrows!
What'd he do wrong?
He's committed innumerable crimes
Theft, Murder, Rape
He uses kung fu to hurt ordinary people
And he stole our school's
most precious classic

Luckily, for 300 years
no one has deciphered its true meaning
If he ever does, many people will die
Nobody will be able to stop him
Hey, Master
Any news about White Eyebrows?
Not yet. But one day
I will arrest him!
Amitabha Buddha
Master Grand Grandiloquence
where's Principal of the Academy?
In the back Thanks
Principal of the Academy
How can I help you?
But... can we date when we grow up?
You can't date me
but someone else is fine
I mean, can I date someone
who doesn't know martial arts?
Of course, but...
you mustn't let him know
you know martial arts
That sounds pretty difficult
You forget about destiny
If the man of your destiny comes along
it's no problem
So who's the man of my destiny?
The man of your destiny is someone...
who will only see you
once it's impossible to see you
Someone who will only see me
once it's impossible to see me?
Meditate on this
lmpossible to see me?
That was my happiest summer vacation ever
I learnt many kung fu techniques
I even taught the 18 Coppermen to dance
Everybody liked me
except one...
I knew, one day
Rouge and I would have it out
My watch reads 8:58 AM
That means everybody
behind me will be late

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