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Несносный Деннис

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Hey, Mr. Wilson!
Mr. Wilson.
Mr. Wilson?
Mr. Wilson?
Poor old Mr. Wilson must be so sick.
No wonder he ain't up.
His heart sounds like
our washing machine!
Oh, no.
He's growing extra skin.
His tongue's very ugly...
and blue and spotty.
He feels warm.
He has a temperature.
l know what you need.
You need an aspirin.
Don't you ever come back!
Do you hear me?
Starting part time will give you a chance
to ease back into it.
l mean, managing shopping malls
can't be much more difficult...
than managing Dennis.
Where have you been?
l was at Mr. Wilson's house.
And, boy, is he sick.
He's got a fever, and he's burning up.
l better call Martha.
You didn't bother him, did you?
No, but l gave him an aspirin.
And he don't like them any better than me.
You shouldn't visit people
so early in the morning.
That's the only time l know for sure
they'll be home.
Hello, George. Alice Mitchell.
Are you feeling all right?
Dennis said that you--
Feeling all right!
Your son just shot an aspirin
down my throat with a slingshot!
l'm very sorry.
You better talk to him!
We'll talk to him.
When l was a child,
none oo this would have been tolerated!
'Bye. 'Bye.
Did you shoot an aspirin
into Mr. Wilson's mouth?
l didn't want him to bite off my fingers
with his big, fake teeth.
Those things are sharp!
George said Dennis shot an aspirin
into his mouth with a slingshot.
What slingshot?
-Do you have a slingshot?
-l'm not sure.
Give it to me.
Mr. Wilson is very angry with you.
l thought he was sick.
l was only trying to help.
You go sit in the corner
and think about what you've done.
-For how long?
-Until you're sorry.
Oh, good. l'm sorry now.
He can't sit in the corner.
l have to take him
to Margaret Wade's house.
Margaret's house!
l didn't do anything bad enough
to deserve to go to her house.
She's a lunatic. l'll go crazy.
She tortures me.
She's mean. She's ugly. She doesn't share!
l arranged with Mrs. Wade for you
to go to their house while l work.
Are you serious?
You can't spend the summer
unsupervised. You're out of school.
l'll go back.
Your mother made arrangements.
That's it! l don't want any arguments.
My life is falling apart.
Hello, George.
Let me take that off your hands. Sorry.
l'm sorry about this morning.
l won't mince words, Mitchell.
Your kid is driving me nuts.
-l'll talk to him again.
-Maybe it isn't talk that he needs.
When my dad had something important
to tell me, he told me with his belt.
That's not how l deal with my son,
Mr. Wilson.
However you deal with him...
he hasn't learned you don't shoot
an aspirin down a fellow's throat!
-Mr. Wilson, he's five.
-When l was five, l had some respect.
You were probably an exceptional boy.
ln 1925, l was not the exception,
l was the rule.
l'll make sure
Dennis doesn't come by anymore.
Careful how you say it.
l don't want everybody to think
l'm a child-hater or an ogre.
l'm a reasonable man
who expects reasonable treatment...
from his neighbors and their children.
l was with the post office
for more than 43 years, and never once--
l'm running a little late.
l'll come by after work
and we can continue the conversation.
There's nothing to continue.
l've said my piece. We'll leave it at that.
The boy cannot come over here
unless he behaves himself.
He won't be over at all.
Now don't make me out to be a grump.
l didn't say ''never.'' l said--
l really have to go.
Well, now, don't....
Have a good day.
He's out of school now.
He can't spend all his free time here.
l'm not the bad guy in this, Mitchell.
l'm the victim!
George, who were you shouting at?
Mitchell, and l wasn't shouting.
l was making my point.
lt's not right that his youngster
can run wild doing as he pleases...
without regard to people or property.
He's only a boy, George.
He'll knot my rope once too often.
l can't stand that kid! He's a menace!
Несносный Деннис

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