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Военно-полевой роман

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Enough, I give up!
Our battalion commander got
a wonderful virago.
What a virago is she to you?
Miss her?
We you can suffer while your
commander sleeps with your love
Never mind, he'll through
her out before the attack.
Apologize ...
- ... now.
- Before whom?
Before this woman.
Aaa, okay. I can do this.
Excuse me, God's slave,
Fedora Malanovna,..
...dear and respected...
- What's the matter?
- Scoundrel!
- Excuse immediately.
- I give up.
- Pretty girl, sew a button.
- I feel shy.
- Do you want to have a walk?
- Hey, sister, help.
- So?
- Now hot, now cold.
- Good?
- Good.
- Commander's Kralechka.
- Where?
You're disgusting Malanov.
Lie down!
Slender, did you fall asleep?
I don't know what should
I do with him.
Attack is coming, he'll
get the first bullet.
That's truth.
I don't want to dance.
Sing, please, sing.
Country town
Summer heat
On the dance floor
Music is played.
One two, one two
Foxtrot is revolving
On the dance floor
It's 1941
On the dance floor
It's 1941
An you commander is a
masher. Really?
He allows himself...
Yes, love is a great thing.
Love till the first attack.
Tell me Terehin, for how long
can a man live without food?
- 40 days.
- And without a woman?
- Why do you ask?
- Eh, Terehin.
You're like permafrost.
I feel sorry for them, Fedya.
A beautiful woman.
Autumn, clear morning
The sky is in the fog
Distance is webbed with nacre
The sun is cold and early
Where is our first date
Lively, pungent, mysterious
at that summer day
Lovely, seemed like casual
- Don't go away!
- Don't go away.
- I'm not going away
- ...I beg you.
I won't ever go away.
I'll repeat endlessly
my love words
Even if autumn is at the door,
One thing I know
But don't go away, -
I beg you.
Don't go away - I beg you
I'll repeat endlessly
my love words
And autumn is at the door,
I know this firmly...
- Overhearing?
- No sir.
Then what?
The music.
- Music?
- No sir.
Private Netulizhin,
The second infantry.
Listen to me, Mozart.
If I'll catch you one
more time,..
"6th Attack".
I know.
I have lots of supervisors.
Lots of supervisors,
and I'm the one.
I love you.
I love you.
Who is here?
Come out!
I had come to say goodbye.
Your attack will take
place this morning.
I love you so much, but
don't know your name
It's important that you
must be happy with major.
For your kids could be
happy too.
For they could laugh like you.
You laugh is so catching.
It's grow.
Can we go?
- Goodbye.
- Thank you.
The parries are hot and fresh.
Just prepared.
And I say: "Eat soup with
mushrooms, keep you mouth shut".
And what. In a week the whole
hostel knew about my love.
Nicholas Chernayev.
Blue-eyed blond.
My love at first sight.
I had a girlfriend.
Also Tamara. But named herself
And she took away my Nicholas.
The whole hostel dressed me
when I was going on the date.
- Mother, I'm frozen
- Don't cry, we'll go home soon.
It was very cold.
I've spent all that night
On me knees.
And now I have rheumatism.
- Patties.
- Ice cream.
- Patties.
- Ice cream.
- Ice cream.
- Why are you staring?
- Take before they got cold.
- Ice cream.
Nobody takes.
Hot patties.
- Why are you stamping?
- Ice cream.
Do you want more?
Hot fresh patties.
Look how he is staring.
Fell in love.
Fell in love
at the first sight.
- I fell in love with teacher.
- I have note-books but no money.
Dear citizens.
Look at this man.
What is he doing
with his own wife.
- What? He loves her.
- Yes, loves.
- He starves her.
- And kiss a hand.
This hand,
Please, kiss.
- Come here.
- Really, I missed you so much.
- Me too.
- And I want to eat.
- And I also want.
- I missed you.
Guess what would I do
if we became rich.
Would give birth to a child?
No, you didn't guess.
I would buy a new hat for you.
And we would go to Yalta.
In new hat.
We would
Военно-полевой роман

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