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Charles, isn't this great?
Good afternoon.
Man, what wouldn't I do
to get my hands on her?
Get your hands on who?
The Challenger-
$20-million airplane.
What did you think I meant?
- Come along, Charles.
- Charles, you coming?
- Yeah.
- I'm supposed to give you this.
- OK.
- Charles Morse the billionaire?
My God, is thatwho you are?
MAN: Stuff everything
into the back.
I've taken the liberty
of talking to the pilot.
I've checked the engine log.
The plane's in good shape.
Good avionics.
The fella's been around.
Try not to fly
under any low ceiling,
any possibility
of bird-strike, or ice.
- What's bird-strike?
- Flocks of migrating birds.
- Lf we hit them, we're all dead.
- Absolutely.
Especially this time of year.
Any questions, I'll have a
chopper here and fly you out.
We'll be fine.
- I said you'd have a good time.
- Yeah.
When will you require
your plane?
- Bob?
- They want the film in 34 hours.
I'd say 8:00 tomorrow night.
- Eight o'clock tomorrow night.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you.
- Oh, no!
You can't handle
this northern weather?
- I'll be all right.
- It's your own fault.
WOMAN: Hey, is that a new watch?
Yeah. Dual time zone.
Tells the time in two places.
What for?
If I want to know
the time in New York,
I don't have to add three.
CHARLES: Look there.
Right there.
So you built this place
with your own hands?
Yes, ma'am.
Been building it all my life.
OK, right this way, folks.
You don't have to worry about
keys 'cause we got no locks.
Kitchen is always open.
You can fix whatever you like.
The bedrooms and outhouses
are upstairs.
We want you to relax,
kick off your shoes,
and just get
down-home comfortable.
- Hey, Stephen.
- Yeah?
This is what I'm talking about.
See? That's what I want
for tomorrow:
An unsentimental photograph.
To get a truly
unselfconscious photograph,
you almost have to go
back to the 19th century.
How old is that?
Took it last fall. That's
Jack Hawk, a friend of mine.
You took the photo?
I took the photo.
He took the bear.
I'd be out hunting with him
right now if you weren't here...
and I had my rifle sighted in.
You interested in books?
Yeah. Why can't you get
your rifle sighted in?
Why can't you get
your rifle sighted in?
Need to rig up a bench rest.
CHARLES: An ironing board
makes a good bench rest.
No disrespect... I'm surprised
you know what a bench rest is.
Charles knows
what everything is.
Got a question, ask him.
Charles knows everything.
Take a mighty accomplished man
to claim that.
I don't claim anything.
WOMAN: Ask him.
See if I'm wrong.
- Bet you can't stump him.
- Bet you I can.
Tell you what...
I will give you $5. 00...
if you can tell me what's
on the other side of this blade.
It's a rabbit smoking a pipe.
A rabbit smoking a pipe.
Well, well, well.
Why in the world would that be?
Uh, it's a symbol
of the Cree Indians.
On one side there's the panther,
on the other, his prey,
the rabbit.
He sits unafraid.
He smokes his pipe.
It's a traditional motif.
Why is he unafraid?
Because he's smarter
than the panther.
Ha! Sir... you impress me.
Oh. Thank you.
Amazing accomplishment.
No, it's not an accomplishment.
It's a freak.
Is that so?
I seem to retain
all these facts,
but putting them to any useful
purpose is another matter.
MAN: Hmm.
Oh, hey, listen up, folks.
We got a problem
with bears around here.
Never leave food uncovered,
even in the lodge.
You see a bear near you,
stand still.
Let him know that you know
that he sees you.
And back up, hmm? Real slow.
Anybody's in trouble,
get my attention.
I'll be on it
like a duck on a June bug.
Now, make yourselves
I think I'm going to bed.
Shut up!
Lord, I'm bushed.
New book?
Yes. It's about surviving
in the wilderness.
You're always reading something.
Yeah. My secretary gave it
to me. Do you know why?
You know why


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