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За пределами закона

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Morning, Harold.
You're still alive ?
[ gunshot ]
[ shouting ]
[ siren wailing ]
You look like hell, Slick.
Have a rough night ?
Dispatch said there were shots fired.
Crazy bastard in the rocks.
Chucked a couple of shots
at the dozer.
He almost killed me.
Who is he ?
An old Apache.
They call him Bogus Charlie.
Thinks he's a medicine man.
Says we're rapin' his mother
by pokin' holes in the earth.
You got any ideas ?
Well, he's only shot at the dozer,
but he could change his mind.
I had to call in the state police.
They'll be here any minute now.
What the hell are you doing ?
Takin' a walk.
That's fuckin' nuts.
Hey, Roy ?  You better get
the hell outta here.
[ cocking rifle hammer ]
How ya doin' ?
Never better.
You know, I was thinkin'.
If you gave me that rifle and offered
to pay for the damage,
I could say you were out here hunting
and hit the equipment by mistake.
You want jerky ?
We don't have time. The state cops
will be here in a few minutes.
- So if you'll just give me that rifle.
- Sit down.
Whatever you say.
You don't look so good, kid.
Something bothering you,
something inside, right ?
Are you gonna
give me the rifle ?
You know, my grandfather
told me a story once...
About a young brave
who got scared of his shadow...
and ran away from it.
I told you, sit still.
This young brave found out he was
only half a person without his shadow,
but to get it back...
he had to go down into a dark hole
where only shadows live.
Problem was,
anybody went down there...
never came back.
[ sirens wailing ]
You've just run
out of time, old man.
If you give me the rifle right now,
we can still keep you out of jail.
Somethin' else
my grandfather told me...
a true Apache had to do
when surrounded...
and outnumbered by crazy white men.
- What's that ?
Give the fuck up.
So, you gonna tell me
what's bothering you ?
Nah.  I just haven't been
able to sleep much lately.
Kelly, ain't it ?
I know it is. Been on you like
shit on a shovel.
- You oughta be more careful around him.
- He's an asshole.
But he is the fucking boss.
- What the hell is this ?
- Well, open it up, find out.
- You wrap this yourself, Butch ?
- Sure did.
I guess I'll have to keep it,
whatever the hell it is.
I had that when I was a little kid.
Thought it might cheer you up
if you played with it for a while.
You're a very strange and crazy
old man, you know that ?
I do.
I sure know that.
[ beeping ]
Gotta go.
Why don't you lay out, turn
the radio off and get some rest.
I'll cover for you, Slick.
- That's what partners are for.
- Thanks, Butch.
[ man ] You son of a bitch.
You're just like your mother.
[ crying ]
It's in your fuckin' blood !
[ voice echoing ]
[ sighing ]
[ siren wailing ]
[ police radio, indistinct ]
Why did you stop me ?
Huh ?
Why did you stop me ?
For speeding.
- I wasn't speeding.
- Yes, you were.
- No, I wasn't.
- I'm afraid you were.
May I see your license, please ?
You have a nice face.
- Excuse me ?
- Good bones.
Where you goin' in such a hurry,
miss Jackson ?
- What difference does that make ?
- I'll ask the questions, okay ?
Okay.  I'm going to the campground.
- All this photo equipment yours ?
- Of course not.
That's why I'm carrying it
around with me.
- You don't have to be a complete smart ass.
- You gonna write me a ticket ?
Get outta here !
Now !
This is car number 50.
[ chuckling ]
We'll take care of all the
damages, plus ten percent.
And, um, put a little somethin' extra
in there for you, Kelly.
Hoo, hoo, hoo, yeah !
You did !
[ laughing ]
- I appreciate that, man, I really do.
- I know you do.
Now if there's anything else
we can do for ya,
anything at all.
- Aw, forget it.
You're in my fuckin' way.
Who in the hell was that ?
His name's Blood.
He runs that bunch.
- I got a bone to pick with you, Saxon.
- That's a surprise.
I heard about
what you did this
За пределами закона

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