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Город мастеров

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Glory to the weaver's mastery.
Glory to the potter's mastery.
Glory to the blacksmith's mastery.
Glory to the Craftsmen's Town.
Go away.
Go away to the forest,
or you all will be killed.
Road to his Highness,
duke De Moricorne,
conqueror and subduedor
Former free Craftsmen's Town,
his squares and streets,
guilds and stores,
and also fields, forests, villages
that lie adjacent to it
and ravines.
Down with foreign sholdiers.
- Did you hear the screams?
- I heard, you majesty.
- Seize and bring to me.
- But...
Down with foreign sholdiers.
Down with foreign sholdiers.
Ouch, who is that?
Karakol, you scared me.
- How did you turn out to be here?
- I was passing by and decided to call on.
- What's the latest news, granny Tafaro.
- What's the latest news?
- Snatch and catch.
- Down with foreign sholdiers!
Revolter has climbed onto the roof.
Follow me.
Ohh sonny, sonny.
Times have changed. I've taken
the last rooster to the market.
- And why didn't you sell him?
- Nobody buys.
People say: "Granny Tafaro,
We can't buy when if it's too cheap
We have conscience, and when it's too expensive,
we can't buy as well, we don't have money".
So I've brought him back.
Down with foreign sholdiers.
It should have been done fairly,
why are you screaming,
but it turned out to be another
- Down with foreign sholdiers.
- He sure has guts.
- He is not here, Mr Baron
- There he is.
There he is, on the pipe.
A parrot.
Down with foreign sholdiers!
Who has taught him to do that?
I devised it myself.
I will tell you the same under oath.
Down with foreign sholdiers!
Golden to one who catches him.
Golden-big money.
- Golden to one who catches him.
- What?
- Golden to one who catches him.
- Golden to one who catches him.
- Where is he?
- Where is he?
There he is.
- Give it to me.
- No. Golden.
- Wouldn't it be too much?
- If you don't want, then I'll let him go.
Let's do it.
Catch him.
A talking parrot was seized
and brought back by my group.
Turn on the light, jester. Let
everybody see this miracle of nature.
A customer was found even on your bird.
How can I thank you?
You must look not for a bird,
but for a man.
- Call the secret police chief.
- I'm here, Mr Gilmon.
You were overhearing again.
His lordship will dismiss you,
if you'll not find the person,
who has taught this bird to talk.
I was not overhearing,
I was just listening to.
I've heard that
you failed to hear.
- What did the parrot say?
- Down with foreign sholdiers!
- Not sholdiers but soldiers.
- What's the difference? Down with us.
Sholdiers. Instead of "s" - "sh".
What does it mean?
It means that the person,
who has taught this parrot to...
talks like this,
lisps and whispers.
And today we'll arest all
people who lisp and whisper.
And so we'll find the criminal.
- Good morning, uncle Temale.
- Good morning, Karakol.
- Good morning, Karakol.
- Good morning, uncle Nenosh.
Tell me, man -
an elephant sucks a pacifier.
Does an elephant suck a pacifier?
40 houses and noone who lisps.
What a town.
- If we'll not find the one who lisps
we'll be fired. - Who?
- The Chief.
- He won't do that.
- Why?
- If we'll not find the one who lisps,
then the Duke will dismiss him sooner.
So, tell me very fast.
- An elephant sucks a pecifier.
- An elephant sucks a pacifier.
An elephant sucks a pacifier.
It would be better if they asked
you something about a camel.
What do you hide in your hump?
Or wine?
Damned humpback.
Don't pay attention.
They are not worth of it.
Maybe their hump is
even bigger than yours.
- Come here, I will tell fortunes.
- People usually conjecture for happiness.
And my happiness is always with me.
- As well as a hump on my back.
- What is right, is right.
But I've got nothing to thank you
except my fortunetelling.
Let me, an old woman,
tell you your destiny.
You'll be handsome,
You'll be happy
You'll get married to
Город мастеров

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