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A 1942 production
Written by E. Gabrilovich
Directed by Yuly Raizman
Starring: M. Kuznetsov,
D. Pankratova
and Valentina Karavaeva
as Mashenka
It was May of 1939 when the story
of Masha Stepanova began.
Simferopol... Simferopol... Go Ahead.
Unloaded 120 ton of tomatoes,
150 ton of cabbage.
3 rubles, 25 kopecks, sir.
Here is the receipt.
Love you. Miss you. Kisses.
2.50. Return address, please.
- A blank form, please
- One moment.
A stamp for me, please...
Odessa, Odessa, Odessa...
Kostia, give me the cake factory.
I don't want you, I want the factory.
Half-baked comedian...
Mashenka, break a 10, please.
Will it get there on time?
Don't worry, comrade, your telegram
will arrive promptly.
Here you go. Next.
Rush, please.
Last night we had ice-cream
and went down to the shore,
and then, ladies, Kotia
took me by the arm!
- Takes my arm and says, Klava!
- And?
And nothing. I was worried he'll start
on the Balkan Question again.
What sort of man is that, mulling
over the same thing for 6 months?
I happen to enjoy serious conversation!
And you know my rules!
He's a good man, just a little shy.
Shy? So shake him up a bit!
Tell him, "Kotia, you love me, why
don't you just come out and say it!"
- What, just like that?
- Sure!
- I would never say it like that...
- Nobody asked the professor!
What do you know? You haven't
even danced with a boy.
Well, I appreciate
his seriousness.
I don't envy your future suitor.
You'll take walks and
talk about politics!
- A marvelous flirt, I can just die.
- Yes, you'd better forget it.
- But really, what would you
say to him?
- I would say... I would...
Citizens! This is a drill!
Citizens! This is a drill!
Comrade, you are poisoned!
- How's that?
- Poisoned, contaminated.
- Lie down on the stretcher.
- Ok, ok, I'm going.
- Comrade, you are poisoned.
- Hands off!
- Take him.
- Hey, go easy!
- Comrades, I'm on duty!
- You car will be fine.
- So, what's gonna happen to me?
- You'll get washed like a babe.
Ok, enough of this.
I told you I'm working.
Young lady, I have no time
for jokes.
- Put on your gas mask, comrade.
- Put on, blah, blah...
Fine, to hell with you.
Take me. I'm dead.
- It's double-fare at night.
- Fine...
It's always like this when you
miss the last tram...
Comrade could we go a bit
slower? The counter...
Hey, I already lost five hours
because of you.
It's not my fault, comrade!
There was a drill.
And the country is in a state...
I get my news in the morning,
thank you very much.
When the war comes we'll be
doing all the fighting,
and you'll be home with mother.
- What's the matter?
- I'm getting off.
- It's 6km to Golden Shore.
- Doesn't matter.
- Hey, don't get mad...
- It's not that.
Stop! I don't have
any more money!
Sit still, or you'll fall out.
- Comrade, I'm serious.
- I'm serious, too.
- It's dark, where'll you go all alone?
- I've walked it before.
- And your parents will be worried!
- I live alone.
In Golden Shore? Must be
pretty boring.
It's not boring at all.
I've lived here all my life.
I work by day and study by night.
No time for boredom.
Where do you study?
Nurse school...
- And work?
- I work... at the post office.
- At the district office?
- Yes.
There's three of us there:
me, Klava and Vera.
- Girlfriends?
- Yes...
Those dear girlfriends of mine...
- Klava's very serious, and Vera's pretty.
- And you?
- Me... I'm none of the above.
- What's your name, anyway?
- Me? Masha. Why?
Nothing. My name's Alesha.
Aleksey Soloviev.
Now we're acquainted.
Oh, a shooting star!
- Look at all the pretty stars.
- Yeah, the stars are huge.
- Ha, huge...
- Now there's Mars.
It's half the Earth's size
and 250 mil km away.
- 250 mil, really?
- Really, and may be inhabited.
That's Andromeda.
- How do you know all this?
- I read books.
I'm studying to be an engineer.
I see. I don't read much.
No time.


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