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Stop now.
Tell me where it is.
You and your brethren possess
what is not rightfully yours.
I don't know what
you are talking about.
Is it a secret you will die for?
- Please.
- As you wish.
My God, forgive me.
In the sacristy...
...the church of Saint-Sulpice,
is the Rose Line.
Beneath the Rose.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Symbols are a language that
can help us understand our past.
As the saying goes,
a picture says a thousand words...
...but which words?
Interpret for me, please, this symbol.
First thing that comes to mind.
- Hatred, racism.
- Ku Klux Klan.
Yes, yes, interesting. But they would
disagree with you in Spain.
There, they are robes
worn by priests.
Now this symbol. Anyone?
In English, please.
Devil's pitchfork.
Poor, poor Poseidon.
That is his trident. A symbol of power
to millions of the ancients.
Now this symbol.
- Madonna and child.
- Faith. Christianity.
No. No, it's the pagan god
Horus and his mother, Isis...
...centuries before
the birth of Christ.
Understanding our past
determines actively...
...our ability to understand
the present.
So how do we sift truth from belief?
How do we write our own histories,
personally or culturally...
...and thereby define ourselves?
How do we penetrate years,
centuries, of historical distortion...
...to find original truth?
Tonight, this will be our quest.
My son is a student
of yours at Harvard.
- Michael Culp? He adores you.
- Oh, yeah.
He says you're the best teacher
he's ever had.
Ms. Culp, I think I already gave
Michael an A-minus.
He told me. Thank you.
Mr. Langdon?
Bonjour, professor.
I'm Lieutenant Collet from DCPJ.
A kind of French FBI.
Will you take a look
at this photo, please?
My police chief, Capitaine Fache,
had hoped...
...considering your expertise
and the markings on the body...
...you might assist us.
Will you excuse me a moment?
I was supposed to have
drinks with him.
Yes, we know.
We found your name
in his daily planner.
He never showed.
I waited for over an hour.
Why would someone do this to him?
Oh, you misunderstand, professor.
He was shot, yes.
But what you see
in the photograph...
...Monsieur Saunire did to himself.
Teacher, all four are dead.
The snchaux and the
Grand Master himself.
Then I assume
you have the location.
Confirmed by all.
I had feared the Priory's penchant
for secrecy might prevail.
The prospect of death
is strong motivation.
It is here.
In Paris, Teacher.
It hides beneath the Rose
in Saint-Sulpice.
You will go forth, Silas.
I chastise my body.
Capitaine Fache is waiting for you.
- Mr. Langdon.
- Yes.
I'm Captain Bezu Fache.
You like our pyramid?
It's magnificent.
A scar on the face of Paris.
After me, please.
It's the pairing
of those two pyramids.
It's unique.
The two are geometric echoes.
I'm not sure how much help
I'm gonna be here this evening.
How well did you know the curator?
Not very well.
Frankly, I was surprised
when he contacted me.
Could we take the stairs?
So Saunire requested
tonight's meeting.
How? Did he call you?
E-mail. He heard I was in Paris.
Had something to discuss.
You seem uncomfortable.
The Grand Gallery.
This is where you found the body.
How would you know that?
I recognize the parquet floor
from the Polaroid. It's unmistakable.
Dear God.
Let's cover the talking points again,
Your Eminence.
Many call Opus Dei
a brainwashing cult.
Others, an ultraconservative
Christian secret society.
Obviously, some people fear
what they don't understand.
Perhaps a less defensive tack,
Your Eminence.
The press continue
to be harsh with us.
We are not Cafeteria Catholics.
We don't pick and choose
which rules to follow.
We follow doctrine. Rigorously.
Does doctrine necessarily
include vows of chastity, tithing...
...and atonement for sins through

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