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Around the country, the bookies
pay off winners at track odds.
It's dangerous when a longshot
comes in,
unless you have someone at
the tracks to lower those odds.
Bet you can't do that with
a quarter.
Are you kidding? Sure I can.
I'll give you a dime for every quarter
you can lay down.
-It's a bet
Hey. You got any quarters?
How're you doing?
Can I get a Miler please?
-You got it.
Outta 20. 3, 4, 5,
5 is 10, 10 is 20. Thanks. Next.
OK, ace, they're on a row.
-Yep, you're right.
That's a dollar I owe you.
That was the deal.
A dime for every quarter.
5000 on the 3 horse to win,
Thank you.
2000 on the three horse to win.
Mrs. Langtry, I'm sorry.
-Why? What's wrong?
You are a valued customer, as
you know. But what's wrong?
I can't understand this. It's
something you almost never see.
This is some of the finest filegree
platinum I've ever seen.
But the stones... no. They're not
diamonds, Mrs. Langtry.
But they must be! They cut glass!
-Glass will cut glass, Mrs. Langtry.
Almost anything will.
Come with me.
Let me show you a positive test
for diamonds.
Take this.
Do you see, how the water splashes
over him? How it slides off in a sheet?
With real diamonds, it won't do that.
It clings to the surface in tiny
I see it.
I hope you're not too badly
disappointed with us,  Mrs. Langtry.
-It's not your fault.
-You'll give us an opportunity
to serve you again.
I hope. If there's anything you think
we might be interested in...
Well, I have only one thing now.
Are you interested?
Well, I would have to see it,
of course.
You are seeing it.
You're looking right at it.
Mrs. Langtry,
something like this very rarely
A fine setting in workmanship
usually means precious stones.
It always hurts me when I find
them not.
I always hope I'm mistaken.
Can I get a Miller, please?
-One too many, mister?
-Step away from the car.
May I see your driver's license?
You seem pretty sick, Mr. Dillon.
No, it's a bad shrimp, I think. Didn't
quite taste right when I was eating it.
I'm getting over it, though.
-Must I take you to the doctor?
No, I'm fine now, thanks.
I still got a lotta clients to see.
- Take it easy now.
- I will, thank you.
Have a good day now.
-Hi, Lilly.
-Hi. I'm done here.
Do I come back to Baltimore?
No. Bobo wants you to go on
to La Jolla.
La Jolla? I never go to California.
It's a thousand miles from here.
Come on, Lilly. You don't argue with
Bobo. He needs someone to
handle playback there.
-Maybe I'll swing out to Los Angeles on the way
Take two or three
days. Call when you get there.
Put it this way. Say I rent it to a
woman. Of course, she has to have
a room with a bath because otherwise
she's got the hall bath tied up all the time
washing their goddam hair and her clothes
I had my first hotel 37 years in
Witchita Falls, Texas
and that's when I learned
about women.
They don't make the money, see, for
a place like this. Not regularly.
There's only way they can get it: by
selling'theirself', tapping them cute
little piggy banks they all got.
Mr. Dillon. Mr. Simms.
Here's a potential neighboor
of yours.
Mrs. Langtry may drop by.
-I'll send her right up.
That's the fine type of person I have in
mind for here, like yourself, I'm sure.
Don't you wanna see me?
Of course, I do. Come down.
No, honey, I can't go there.
- What do you have in mind?
Come on, you could be here
in 20 min.
Oh, I don't know, Roy. I gotta get
thru all this traffic downtown.
In a minute.
What do you want, kid?
-Show me how ya did that other one.
-Scram. Go home.
-I can't.
I've just left home.
-Too young. Ya oughta be in school.
I am in school.
5 of spades.
Where's the 5?
-In your other hand.
Good. You learned something.
I wanna learn everything.
Wanna be a grifter?
-Grifter? Yes.
Not partners. That's your first lesson. Cut
your score in half, right down the middle.

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