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I missed you.
Door shut.
Fix your collar.
- What do we got here?
- Looks like a shooting.
- Inside?
- Yeah.
- Is this clear all up through here?
- Yeah, it's clean.
- Who is the first officer?
- Pinola, sir. He's inside.
Central took a call from a neighbour,
wouldn't give a name...
...at 8:23, that there was a rape
and a robbery going on here.
- What time is it, Dickey?
- 9:01.
Get this gentleman's name, would you?
How are you doing?
- Pinola, how are you doing?
- Good.
Who's smoking in here?
Come on.
Tom, you done with the photos?
Yes, sir.
Did you get close on the blood
and the butts in the ashtray?
- Yes, sir.
- Great. Thanks.
Give me some gloves, please.
Here you go, sir.
No lividity.
She hasn't been gone long.
Go on, Dickey. Take a look at her.
You may forget the woman you were with
last night, but you won't forget her.
Pinola, she was dead when you came in?
Yes, sir. I couldn't find a pulse in her, sir.
What time was that?
About 8:40.
- 8:42 exactly.
- We got any witnesses?
- No.
- No defence cuts. Fingernails are clean.
Why don't you check the windows
and the doors?
Boy, whoever did this
fucked up all over the place.
This is the Gong Show of murder.
What's her name?
- Felicity Turner.
- Married?
Yes, has a daughter, too.
She doesn't know. She's out with friends.
Lamar says maybe rape and robbery.
Is that what you say, Dickey-boy?
That's right.
She's wearing a gold watch, Lamar.
Robbers don't leave gold watches behind,
do they?
See that hole in the head?
You know what that is?
A hard contact wound.
You must be angry enough to press
the gun smack against the head to do that.
His Unhappiness shot her in the bathroom.
First in the head, then in the chest.
He left her lying in there,
and left the bullet in the bathroom wall.
Then he sat around a bit thinking about
what he had done, sweating up his socks.
Maybe he had a cigarette or two.
He started getting the idea
his life was over.
So he drags her out the bathroom into the
kitchen trying to make it look like a rape.
Then he calls the police.
He hadn't fucked up enough...
...so he goes back in the bathroom,
begins to clean the blood off the wall.
Never heard of a rapist or robber
who does your apartment afterwards.
You won't find any signs of forced entry
because it wasn't a rape or robbery.
It was her old man.
You find him...
...you find the gun that put the bullet
in the bathroom wall.
There's no reason
he would have thrown it away.
He's done everything else wrong.
Are you ready for me to take her?
She's all yours.
Deceased is black female...
...approximately 35 years of age.
You don't much like it here,
do you, Lamar?
I'm fine.
He likes it. He just doesn't know why.
What do you mean?
It makes you feel alive
to see somebody dead.
Lamar here.
What's up?
Her husband was just picked up
at the bus station...
...with a.32 calibre in his BVD's,
and they're taking him to the office.
- Looks like a.32 to me.
- Yep.
Kill someone in Brayton,
Kyle Bodine is going to get you.
I don't think it takes any brains.
Murderers are dumb shits.
They always screw it up sooner or later.
Lamar, you shouldn't be doing this.
This is nothing that a man like you
should be spending his life at.
- I don't see her.
- Who?
My dancing lady.
Maybe she's here, maybe not,
but if I see her, I'm going to fall in love.
I can just feel it.
- What did you forget?
- My wallet. I left it in the car.
I'll be back in a minute.
Mind some company?
Am I safe talking to you?
I don't know. We live in dangerous times.
And we meet in dangerous places.
I've had too much to drink in this one.
I know another one.
No. There is something about tonight
that wants a place like this.
It's where you end a holiday.
- You've been on a holiday?
- Sort of.
I don't much like holidays.
Poor baby.
Are you an orphan?
Yeah. I'm an orphan of destiny.
I see life in all its dirty details.


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