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Достояние Республики

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Daniil? Hey, Daniil? Are there red horses?
When the sun sets on the earth,
it paints everything with its colour.
Then it makes not only horses red,
but people as well.
Our boys are clothed and fed, and what
will you clothe and feed them with?
They'll die of hunger with you.
Can you imagine what kind of a fate awaits them?
Children are our future, Father Nikolai.
It's too late to teach old men.
But we won't allow children to be
sent into some religious stupor.
That's how you see it.
By decision of the Regional Committee,
we will give your children an education.
We will teach them a profession.
If it were my decision,
I wouldn't give you the children.
These are dark times.
Are you afraid to go? Don't be afraid, Inokkenty.
You will see God's world, see the people in it.
You're probably tired of smelling incense?
Your felt boots have holes in them.
- Och!
Never mind, I'll get you new ones.
- And where will you get them?
They say you can find anything in the city.
With whom do I have the honour?
Of the People's Republic's Possessions, Kochi.
"Russia was created over centuries,
with sweat and blood...
Wherever we look, everywhere
we see the fruits of the hands of the working class.
The palaces of yesterday
have been returned to their rightful owners,
the victorious-revolutionary masses.
Every ancient monument, every work of art
with which the tsars and the rich
used to amuse themselves, has become ours.
We will not hand them over to anyone.
We will not hand them over to anybody,
and will preserve them for our descendants.
For the people who come
after us and want to know...
how and with what people lived before them.
The directive Committee of the
Soviet of Workers and Peasants' Deputies.
What's this, who's the lad...?
Intouriccio. If I'm not much mistaken.
It's the famous portrait of a boy
in blue from the Medici collection.
Prince Sergei acquired this
picture on his last trip to Italy
a year before the war.
A forgery?
My son didn't collect copies.
Well then, are you going to share
all this out between the proletariat and workers?
There's not enough for everyone, my friend!
- You shouldn't say things like that, old lady.
- Comrade Petrovych
Don't worry, Elena Konstantinovna.
We well understand
what artistic treasures we are dealing with.
Your son's collection will be transferred
intact to the Petrograd State Museum.
By decision of the Soviet of People's Commissars,
signed by Lenin.
His lmperial Majesty, hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
His lmperial Majesty, hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
Hurray! Hurray!
- I'll tear your guts out!
- Hurray! Hurray!
It's lucky for you that you're a bird! If you
were a person, I'd give you a good kicking!
Lagutin's bandits! Bandits!
Stop! Stop!
Go round her! Go round!
Heads down!
Comrades, run for it, I'll hold them back! I'll hold them!
Alyoshka! Shurka! Where are you going?
Guys, there's a station here, lots of trains!
Who's a counter-revolutionary?
I'm a counter-revolutionary?
I'm telling you, I'm taking the
Tikhvinskis' possessions to Petrograd!
- Hold him, guys,
- Bring him over here!
I'm telling you!
I'm taking the possessions of Prince Tikhvinski...
Which have been confiscated by the revolutionary forces.
Take him to Strunnik, to Strunnik!
Let's go!
I'll give you one, you counter-revolutionary scum!
- We've caught one!
- Who is it?
Here we are, defending the republic,
and this here lackey of some sort of prince...
is taking a load of golden knick-knacks to Petrograd!
- What's going on?
- Defending the rights of the aristocracy!
- Lackey!
- Me?
- You!
- Me?
- I - a sailor of the revolution in the Baltic
- A lackey?
Who are you, then?
Alright! Load his boxes, bring horses!
Let go! Read this!
Listen, sailor, the republic's in danger!
I have a stamp from the Soviet of People's
Deputies! Or can't you see?
Or perhaps you're illiterate?
"Russia was created over
Достояние Республики

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