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On the Centenary of Russian Cinema
With the support of the
Russian Ministry of Culture
Channel One
Film Direction
I checked in the studio photo records.
It's definitely her.
Dago Film Productions
Konstantin Khabensky
The wife on an enemy of the revolution.
Where am I going to find a face like that?
Elizabeta Boyarskaya
Sergei Bezrukov
In a film by
Andrei Kravchuk
Baltic Sea, Pillau Region.
German Waters. 1916
Look sharp. Mines at least
seven meters from the surface!
82 feet under the keel
85 feet under the keel
- Officers on deck.
- At ease!
- Well?
- It's foggy.
No signals from the "Sentry"
or the "Hunter" for a while.
Try signaling them again.
I'll be with the Commander.
- May I come in?
- Yes. So?
Everything's calm,
Alexander Vasilievich.
- Will you have some tea?
- Thank you.
That's the Kazan Mother of God,
if I'm not mistaken?
Sofia Fyodorovna gave it to me,
before our marriage.
Anna Vasilievna gave me this.
As a memento. Look...
- Yes?
- May I come in?
Gentlemen. Your presence on the
bridge is needed at once.
The Germans, gentlemen.
The Germans...
Their 210 mm cannons
against our 45s.
- The "Friedrich Karl".
- So much for your "Sentry"...
Thank God they're quiet.
They've missed us.
All hands to battle stations!
All to fighting stations!
Battle stations! Attention!
- Full speed ahead!
- Full speed ahead!
Helmsman, full speed ahead.
Battle! Cut the ropes!
Hold her steady!
- Why have we slowed down?
- Engine room!
Why have we slowed down?
What's happening?
A shell got the pipes
in the engine room!
- How long to fix it?
- Half an hour.
You have 15 minutes.
In 15 minutes they'll
turn us into a sieve.
Yes, we're a sitting duck!
Why have you stopped firing:
Are you alive?
Alexander Vasilievich!
Should we get the orderlies?
Get on the tower.
Gurov, you alive?
Man the guns!
To arms!
To arms, I said:
- Yes!
- We got them on the running tower!
They're off us now.
The Germans' bridge is damaged!
Relieve the gunners!
Third gunners to the main guns,
Good thing we dropped the mines:
- What?
- I'm sorry.
Good that we dropped the mines,
if not:
Your Excellency, they've
repaired the pipes.
- The main bridge can't be mended in an hour.
- Put on the reserve one.
We need to get out of here,
while there's still time.
Mines, mines
Full speed ahead!
- Steer course for Pillau!
- But that's our minefield!
Assemble the officers
on the starboard deck.
At attention!
There's a German squadron behind us.
The "Friedrich Karl" is in front.
There's no way back to base.
So I see no way out except
to lure the Germans onto our mines.
Steer course for Pillau.
Onto our minefield. Questions?
I have a question.
One meter from the mines!
We won't make it.
Our own mines. We're
digging our own graves.
Calm down, midshipman.
We're going onto the mines.
Gold help us!
Let us pray.
Remove your headwear.
All powerful God
Lord our Saviour
Pardon Your faithful servants
hear and protect us
- Mine at port side!
- Stop engines.
Ready to reverse.
- Mine at port side!
Calm down, gentlemen.
God have mercy...
The Germans are opening sights.
Right, now they're all together.
We've missed the mine.
- That's the end...
- Goodbye, my friends.
They're going to get us.
What a shame, gentlemen...
Give the order for battle.
Stop! Into battle.
Slow ahead!
Previous course.
We're past the minefield.
Head home, gentlemen.
Champagne for the captain.
Podgorsky, come back here.
- You've already completed your dare.
- No!
I promised to stay until
the end of the game.
Russian naval base.
Helsingfors, Finland.
What should the dare be?
A new uniform!
Down a glass of cognac
for our victory.
That'll be a pleasure for him.
But something more challenging!
Make him kiss someone.
The first person to come
through the door.
Yes! Passionately.
And with


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