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This movie was shot...
at the film factory
Mezrablom - Rus in 1928.
The city sleeps...
And also sleeps the
house on Trubnaya...
Morning. The city awakes...
and staring at the mirror
starts the wash up.
The first to get up in the
staircase, is Golikov, the barber...
He's the only one who
hasn't got a maid.
Then, the people on other floors
get up in turn...
Fenya, the maid, is a delegate.
It isn't allowed to cut
firewood on the landings!
And as every morning...
In this palace live the
mechanic Semion Byvalov...
...and Mariscia, the maid.
But we forgot to tell how
did Paranya come to Moscow...
and the events that took
place the day before...
The day before...
From the countryside...
...to Moscow...
Hi, ma'am!
Paranya! Wait!
Uncle Fiodor's just arrived!
In Moscow...
Uncle Fiodor's town...
The following day...
In Moscow, looking for Uncle Fiodor.
Not having a maid, Golikov is bound
to do the housework all by himself.
Maid wanted.
Are you intending to join the Union?
Get out!
Are you intending to join the Union?
Not what I need.
Stop making noise!
You've scared the hell out of my goose!
Paranya settles temporarily
by her countryman's, Semion.
Are you intending to join the Union?
What idea! I'm just a girl!
Paranya works.
C'mon young miss! The water!
Bring a clean towel!
- Rivals-
They exploit you, don't they?
You must join the Union.
Name? Age?
Proskoveya Pitunova.
19 years.
With this card you'll can vote
at the coming elections for the Soviet.
...and tonight come to see the
play we're setting for the workers.
Mr. Golikov, the laundry is done.
May I go out tonight?
What about the floors?
Full washed.
And the samovar?
Already wiped.
Fine. Now you stay at home. Somebody's
got to watch the appartment.
Tonight's play:
"The Assault of the Bastille"
Men's Dressing Room
Mariscia and Semion take
part in the show.
The Director of Recreational
Activities for Workers
Where are the whigs?
Don't you have any whigs for
the French Revolution?
Where's the General?
The General... got drunk.
The performance is cancelled!
Citizen Golikov! You're almost
a scientist...
Would you play the General part, please?
You'd just have to repeat what the prompter says...
You're leaving this home right now!
Don't ever come back again.
Eyes searching...
...the morning light.
Everybody to take part in the
election for the Soviet of Moscow!
Tired after a whole night of wandering...
Paranya finally understands that
elections are also her business.
Paranya, what's happened to you?
Fenya, I was fired...
The delegates of the housemaids
for the Soviet of Moscow:
Avdotya Jrabrova.
Elizaveta Vaghina...
Praskovya Pitunova!
Gentlemen, Paranya!
Is Paranya back?
She was elected for the Soviet!
Searching for Paranya.
After the news their housemaid
has been elected for the Soviet...
now the Golikovs are held in
high regard.
The whole staircase gets
ready to welcome Paranya back.
Let's go home!
Not me. I'm afraid. They'll
scold me again.
Recreational Activities
Is Pitunova here?
And where is she?
It's me!
Member of the Soviet?
Yes! Member of the Moscow Soviet!
She's coming!
She's coming!
Greetings to the new member of
our dearly beloved Soviet!
Gather your stuff and get out!
Even if Paranya is no member
of the Soviet...
she's still a member of the Union.
Now you're a member of the Union:
Our committe will search you a job.
But the staircase's got a clean...
And you? Are you joining the Union?
You'll have to pay:
compensation for untimely dismissal...
Do not worry, citizen...
In spite of the blows you'll
be able to sit down yet!

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