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Чернокнижник: Армагеддон

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The stones!
We have failed in our duty...
the Armageddon.
We saved two of the stones.
The amulet...
does she still wear it?
- It is gone.
- His birth is still to come...
and the battle is still
to be fought.
It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden;
Too like the lightning,
which doth cease to be...
Ere one can say ''It lightens.''
Sweet good night...
This bud of love,
by summer's ripening breath
May prove a beauteous flower
when next we meet.
Good night, good night!
as sweet repose and rest
Come to thy heart
as that within my breast.
O, wilt thou leave me
so unsatisfied?
What satisfaction canst
thou have to-night?
The exchange of thy love's
faithful vow for mine.
I gave thee mine before
thou didst request it:
Wouldst thou withdraw it?
For what purpose, love?
I cannot work under
these conditions.
Go on, go home.
Same time tomorrow.
I think what Shakespeare
meant was...
we should seize the moment.
I don't think so, Andy.
We've got to talk.
- Hi, daddy.
- Hi, hon.
Oh, let's get out of here.
- Good evening, Reverend.
- Hey, Andy.
You taking Samantha
to the movies this weekend?
- Yeah, I'd like to.
- Bye, Andy.
We'll see ya soon, Andy.
Okay. Take care.
Listen good, Devil boy.
Samantha doesn't want
anything to do with you.
Her father doesn't
want you near her...
and I don't want your Satanic ass
within a hundred yards of her.
- You got that?
- Lay off, Andy.
Look at this,
still reading comics.
Bet you wish you were a
superhero now, huh?
Kenny, the mutant crusader
and the ex-wimps.
- Back off, Andy.
- Come on.
- I'm serious.
- Show me your powers.
Oh, shit!
- Don't just stand there.
- Butthead.
(thunder clap)
(wind howling)
The sign of his birth.
Woman's voice:
What are you doing still home?
Well, you're gonna be late.
No, that's going to be a surprise.
Now, hurry up or
you'll miss the eclipse.
(hangs up phone)
Now, Obelisk, I need your opinion.
Do you think he'll like this?
Bark once for yes and...
Hmm, a growl, huh?
You probably need glasses anyway.
Now where did I put
grandma's necklace?
Here it is.
Hey, it is our only family heirloom.
What do you think
he'll think about this?
Obelisk, no.
Stay away.
Don't you want to give
your boy a kiss, mother?
Let me in, mother.
Let me in.
Fuck you!
Boy: You're up late.
You too.
I heard you making coffee.
Sorry, look, it's fresh, hot...
Why don't you have a cup?
I've got school tomorrow.
Afraid you'll lose?
Then, come on. Sit down and
let's finish this one last game.
Dad, I'm gonna come home
for holidays and stuff.
I know, but...
let's play.
It's your move.
Oh, yeah. Right.
Nice move.
Are you okay, dad?
Sure. It must be
the moon or something.
You thinking about mom?
She would have been
real proud of you, son.
Is there something
you want to tell me, dad?
I love you, Kenny.
(distorted voice) You were born
at my grace to serve only me.
What does that command?
There are five stones
like the one she wears.
You must possess them all.
Thy will be done.
You will have six days
to complete my task.
When the sun emerges
from the darkness...
your time will pass.
She, the force creator
shall guide you.
(buzzer sounds)
Who the hell are you?
Mmmm... black.
(horns honking, tires squealing)
What are you,
some kind of idiot?
It's the devil.
Hey, buddy, you must have
bricks for balls...
or you must be
one stupid yuppie.
Is this your carriage?
Yeah, this is my carriage.
I wish to be transported
to Chicago.
Get the fuck out
of my face, blondie.
I like you, Hector.
Hey, sweetheart,
I missed you last night.
...this boy from Spokane...
...threw his second
no-hitter this season.
The Giant's ain't
going to bring him up early.
But I say, hell, take the diaper off
him and let him pitch.
Good evening, friends.
Чернокнижник: Армагеддон

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