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The Triada studio
Andrei Myagkov
Armen Dzhigharkhanyan
Ada Rogovtseva
Nikolai Karachentsov
Vladimir Menshov
Yevgenia Dobrovolskaya
Alexey Chadov
Yury Belyaev
Victor Rakov
in the Alexander Muratov
December 32
Dunya Venskaya Vladimir Yeremin
Nikolai Parfenyuk
Varvara Shuvaeva
Executive producer
Vladimir Yeremin
General producer
Rouben Dishdishyan
Happy New Year!
The White Night
geriatric clinic.
December 31.
Karen Zavenovich,
have you gone competely nuts?
What are you doing?
Are you feeling bad?
Just a moment.
Here is your medicine.
Take it. I'm going to call Masha in.
- Are you feeling bad?
- I'm fine.
I'm just great now.
Will you marry me?
Listen, poor Romeo,
let me go.
God save you all.
I have a feeling
that I'm still flying.
Watch your step!
Watch your step! Oh, God!
Oops! How could you?
How? I wanted to commit suicide.
What do I need my lonely life for?
That's the word for it.
Give me your hand before
anyone could see you.
- Some people are watching us.
- I don't care.
Your Margarita will drive you
into the grave.
Stop whining.
I hate it.
At least you're alive.
Lean on me.
- I want to help you.
- Oh, yes.
- Masha...
- This one is off.
- This one is also gone.
- I say all these ancient rarities
These...I mean all these ancient croaks
were taken home.
- Well, thanks God, this one is also gone.
- Where will we see this New Year in?
First, I really don't understand why
we should see it in together?
What do we have in common?
Nothing so far.
But it can't continue that way any longer.
I've been working here for three weeks
and have been longing for you all this time.
Well, there is an abyss
between us.
A non-negotiable abyss.
Surely, you're a senior nurse
and I'm just a guard.
I need a man at large.
Wow! And who are you taking me for?
Well, you're just a blueprint.
- Really?
- Certainly.
What would you suggest
to an exhausted woman
besides a couple of beers
at the Griboedov monument
and a stroll in the night?
-No, wait!
- Well, this one is gone too. Happy New Year!
This one is gone too.
- Masha, wait!
- What?
Oh God! What has happened?
Karen Zavenovich!
- Your arm? Your leg?
- The skull and the bones!
Where there's smoke,
there's fire.
My yesterday's dream
still bothers me.
I didn't have
a wink of sleep last night.
- Dear Margarita Nikolaevna!
- What?
I don't think it is appropriate
for a stranger
to know about our
complicated relationship.
- I don't mean you.
- Please, don't do that.
- And Sergei Petrovich is not a stranger.
- Yes, thanks.
How's your head?
Honestly speaking,
I need a heavy jolt
before consuming
and my words should be taken
with a fine grain of salt.
I agree.
Well, they say that tonight they saw
this unidentified low-flying object.
- Can you imagine all these snow blasts...
- Yes.
and gushes of snowstorm. By the way,
what do you think of it as a scientist.
- Yes, really.
- As a scientist?
- As a scientist.
- Exactly.
The Holy Bible speaks of
the visible world and the invisible one.
There is such a fine threshold
between tales and the reality.
- What threshold?
- Really.
In our childhood we leave letters for
Santa Claus under the Christmas tree
asking him
to fulfil our wishes.
- Now what? During my variety career
- Aha!
I performed the card tricks.
And something beyond that.
I did a lot of things.
I By the way, I assisted Volf Messing
at his mass hypnosis seances
- I really did.
- I see.
So when you're looking at me
like that
you're in fact recalling
your Hypnosis 101 course.
Dear Margarita Nikolaevna,
you keep mocking at me
and I received your gifts
from Mr.X. Here they are, please.
Thanks. This mysterious owner
of the clinic appears once a year.
Yes. It's somehow awkward to accept

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