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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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Could you tell me the way to Room 13?
- Here is the door.
- Shut up, Yerokhina. Don't you dare!
Come on...
Operative investigator, senior
lieutenant Sharapov reports for duty.
Well, hello, Sharapov.
People from HR have
already called me.
You are just the way
we thought you would be.
An ordinary man.
Well, right. And we need such
ordinary soldiers from the front.
Do you know what we do here?
Murders, gang wars, robberies.
lt's all very serious, brother.
- Are you a scout? - Yes, sir. l was
a leader of a reconnaissance unit.
Then you'll get used to our work. We'll
send you to the training school in spring...
My name is Zheglov.
- Stay away from my table.
- l did a little work here.
l told the boy
about our department.
l see you have already made friends.
Sharapov, let me introduce this great man
to you. His name is Grisha Ushivin.
And his nick is ''6x9''.
He is an unsurpassed photographer
and a grandson to Baron Von Munchausen.
Hey, Zheglov, l am sick and tired of your
insults. Are you looking for trouble?
Good God, no! You may be promoted
to become our commanding officer.
- Have a seat, Sharapov. Sit down.
Anything new? - Senka...
He's one of our own. Meet Sharapov,
a new member of our team.
- Sharapov.
- Nikolay.
Senka Tuzik called me.
Gangsters have made an appointment.
Well, that's the way
it should be then.
Don't you worry, comrade captain.
Everything will be just perfect. A checker
will get crowned in a split of a second.
Well, Vekshin.
Calm down, Nikolay... Have a seat!
We summoned you from Yaroslavl...
...so that not a single man
could identify you.
We don't need any
improvisation, got it?
Got it.
And don't you play
any criminal elite.
You are a petty small fry,
an errand boy, right?
- Yes.
- Good.
Your boss wanted to know
if they are ready to rob a bank...
...where you've got an informer. Then
he'll meet them himself. Understood?
And what if they ask:
Why do you need us?
Because there are few of us.
And we've got only one gun.
And what if they ask
why the boss didn't show up?
And what if they lead cops to him?
Our boss is as smart as theirs.
You are not afraid of any cops
because you are clear.
And you can't tell any details
of this bank thing.
Because you don't know anything.
Well and why not
capture this gangster...
...and talk to him so that
he would tell us everything?
Well, well...
lt's no front-line here,
my dear friend.
We don't need any prisoners
for interrogation.
Why so?
Because a prisoner you capture in
the war is an enemy and it's clear.
And here even if you seize a gangster,
...you should prove he's a criminal. Or
else he'll just walk away, cursing you.
But a prisoner must
answer our questions.
And we may prove his guilt later.
What would you do to a prisoner
who tells you nothing at the front?
Well, as they say,
according to the war-time regulations...
That's right. And why?
Because he is an enemy soldier
who turned his weapon against you.
- And his guilt is obvious, right?
- But a gangster is also armed, isn't he?
He may come to this meeting
And so what?
There is no records that
he is a gangster in his passport.
Just the opposite.
He's an honest citizen.
Living in some Crooked Alley.
And he's got a Moscow residence permit.
So try to catch him, can you?
- Have you got a gun?
- l always carry it with me.
You should leave it.
You won't need it there.
Well, as they say,
let's sit down before a long journey.
Well, Sharapov, it's a real
wonder of the world!
lt's a self-propelled car.
lt moves on its own.
- Come on, stop it.
- Let me introduce you to each other.
- Kopytin.
- Sharapov.
l need two more tires to the back...
...and ''Ferdinand'' would be
absolutely priceless.
The guys nicknamed the car.
They say it looks like a German
self-propelled gun. You saw them.
- Come on, Kopytin, let's go.
- Coming.
- Let's go.
- Well, come on...
Let's go!
Место встречи изменить нельзя

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