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Why? Why can't I...?
That's not the answer.
I just can't flap my wings fast enough.
Maybe seagulls can't fly
faster than 62 miles per hour.
But wouldn't it be great if we could?
I wonder how high I could really fly,
what the world would look like
from way up there.
My wings are heavy.
I don't feel steady.
I didn't fall all the way.
I can do it.
I've got to make it higher
than anyone's ever flown before.
I can.
I can see everywhere.
How am I gonna tell them?
How am I gonna say it?
Mother, Father...
...I hope you'll understand.
This time you have to.
I've found things
that will change our lives.
There's such a world out there.
None of us
have ever seen it or felt it.
I've just flown up today
higher than we ever fly,
far above the highest clouds.
But you can see.
I mean, you can see everywhere.
For the first time in my life
I see where we live.
Son, we looked everywhere
for you the last few days.
The elders in the flock
are talking about you.
They know you fly off on your own,
where we never fly.
They don't understand it.
They will not allow it.
Not allow me to learn? Why?
Oh, I can understand
your dreams, Jonathan.
We all dream of better things
when we're young.
I'm afraid...
...for you.
I'm afraid of what you're doing.
Maybe this isn't the best life,
but it's all we know.
Winter's coming.
The flock must stay together to survive.
We were meant
to live the way we live, accept it.
Take your place.
Will you try, Son?
If you don't,
we will have all lived for nothing.
We weren't meant to live this way.
I know you're wrong.
But... I'll try.
Maybe the secret is fixed wings.
Flap up to 50
and hold the wings still.
I'll bet that's it.
Fifty and still.
It won't hurt anybody
if I try that. Will it?
It won't hurt anybody,
take away anybody's freedom
if I just slip out and give it a try.
Nothing to worry about.
Just a very simple thing here.
I'm going to make a simple dive,
to 50 miles per hour
and hold the wings steady
and go straight on down.
Here we go.
This is it.
Thirty, 40, 50...
No. No! Pull out!
I... I can't do it.
I'll be killed.
What is this? I'm afraid.
I'm on the right way of doing this,
and I'm afraid.
So, what are you going to do?
You going to glide around here for
the rest of your life without trying?
If you're scared, go back to the flock
where everyone else is scared too.
Sixty... 70.
Faster than any seagull has ever...
There's got to be more
to life than fighting
for some fish head somewhere.
There's no way around it.
If I was meant to learn
so much about flying,
I'd have charts for brains.
If I were meant to fly fast,
I'd have a falcon's short wings,
live on mice instead of fish.
I've got to live with what I am.
I promise this day
that I will be a seagull...
...like every other seagull.
Does my life end here?
I can't believe that.
I wasn't born to drown in this ocean.
I can die here,
or I can force myself to fly.
It's in me.
It's in me!
I've got to try.
I've got to get back home.
At last I can stop thinking,
for once in my life.
Just stop thinking
and fly towards the lights in the dark.
Seagulls never fly in the dark.
Get down.
If you were meant to fly in the dark,
you'd have the eyes of an owl.
You'd have charts for brains.
You'd have a falcon's short wings.
A falcon's short wings.
I dive on the wingtips only.
Why didn't I think?
Short wings. Short wings.
Faster than any seagull anywhere. Ever!
I'll teach the others.
I'll show the flock how!
I did it!
It works.
Short wings all controlled. It works!
I must have hit 1 70 in the dive,
and that was just a short dive.
What will I hit if I dive
from 1 0,000 feet?
A quick roll in, fold the wings,
just the tips out in the air,
take her straight down
just like last night,
and we'll see
just how fast a seagull can fly.
One-eighty! One-ninety!
Oh, God! The flock!
Look out!
The elders. The whole flock.
They believe me

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