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- What's wrong?
- Nothing's wrong.
- Then why did you wake me?
- I was running a test.
But we didn't schedule any tests.
I was running a test
to perform an unscheduled test.
- What? Why?
- Olease. Be more specifiic, Benjamin.
Why did you want to wake me
and perform an unscheduled test?
Wanting is a human emotion,
and not within my capability.
- I know that.
- Benjamin.
Can we play chess now?
Tom and Jerry: catharsis and cathexis.
AJ Marley. Dissertation
for doctorate - anthropology.
Begin recording, captain.
This animated animosity regularly served
as a collective catharsis for the masses.
When violent animation
was banned by statutory law
at the beginning of the 21st century,
the subsequent idealised and
seemingly benign cartoon creatures
unharnessed a human malevolence,
and a reverse social polarity was...
Would you like some music
before we begin, Copilot Vanzant?
- Whatever you like.
- How's this, Copilot Vanzant?
Confiirming identity and status.
Age: 32. Release from Hazen
rehabilitation: six months.
Oilot's licence restored.
Work probation:
deep space rescue and recovery.
Reflex quotient: 1.5. Stress limit: minus 4.
You'll have to work on
those numbers, Nick.
- Neuroscan's fine.
- Good.
- What happened to your robot?
- Nothing.
Really? Hope "nothing"
doesn't happen to me.
The captain's big on
20th century cultural artefacts,
so we did him up as
a World War One fighter pilot.
We do things like that just to amuse each
other. Everyone tries to get along here.
- I get along fine.
- You've been on board 12 days.
Asking about a robot's the first sign of
interest you've shown in this ship or crew.
- I got a captain who watches cartoons,...
- He's working on his PhD.
..a computer tech
who calls his mainframe Sweetie
and two medical techs practising
anatomy in any corner they can find.
I've been on six paramedic tours
with this crew. They get the job done.
We're out here for months.
Nothing happens.
People get lonely.
Then suddenly all hell breaks loose,
you do your job,
then it all goes back to nothing happens.
This crew's OK.
Want to tell me
what you're doing out here?
Ex-military pilots don't usually request
work probation on paramedic ships.
I like deep space. It's quiet.
People out here tend to
respect each other's privacy.
Take one a day.
You can put your shirt on.
Zyracon, huh?
Happy pills.
I'm happy.
Hazen's a tough drug to kick.
Zyracon helps with the residual effects.
- I'm clean.
- Human interaction helps too.
The crew's OK.
Maybe you should take the time
to get to know them.
Thank you, doctor.
Five miles of fibre optics
sort of spoils the spirit of competition,
don't you think, Sweetie?
When I reprogrammed her for this tour,
I put some human traits
into her personality profile.
I sort of wanted them to find out
because it'd really piss them off.
But if they ever do,
I'm dead.
I'm assuming you're not
gonna turn me in...
You don't know me well enough
to make that assumption.
Your deal.
My analysis ofCopilot Vanzant's vital
signs suggests a very high probability
that he will turn you in, Benjamin.
I'm not gonna turn you in.
The laserpulse is focused into
a surgical-quality beam
capable ofthe mostprecise incisions.
- Hello, doctor. Mind if I sit down?
- What if I do?
- Following orders - get to know the crew.
- So, the Zyracon worked.
I act nice and you want the credit?
You act nice,
modern medicine gets the credit.
I've found staying clean is sort of like
staying alive. You either are...
or you aren't.
Count them. They're all there.
Since we don't bring out
the pleasant side in each other,
tell me what the hell
bothers you so much about me.
I don't like Hazen.
It's not just a type-H mind-altering escape.
I don't like what it does to people who
take it, I don't like what they do to others.
- I used to know someone...
- I'm not someone.
Didn't say you were.

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